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report of cheating

by Aadil Modi (Kingsthan) 12 days ago
This Message is for all HW devs to look into the matter of unofficial tournaments cheating! I have been cheated by a manager name Gokul and his team name is Spartans Sixers. His tournament link- He told me that if no one joins he will return my credits but now he is not returning HW devs plz return my credits and ban his team because I am not the only one who is cheated by him there are many! Else HW u will loose many of urs users! His team link- I can also send u SS in proofs So plz HW look into this matter in serious consideration! THANKING YOU YOURS FAITHFULLY AADIL MODI (KINGSTHAN)

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Updated at: 11-08-2017

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Div IV
NIL (THE SRS) Kolkata # 1
Yes he must return the credits
12 days ago
Div VI
Aadil Modi (Kingsthan) Jodhpur # 2
NIL - Thanks for ur support raise our voice till HW devs so that he will b banned n our credits will b returned
12 days ago
Aadil Modi - This person also cheat and mine credit also....
12 days ago
Aadil Modi - Cheater saale jb oukaat na ho tournamnt chlane ki to ye sab mt kiya kro
12 days ago
Div VI
Aadil Modi (Kingsthan) Jodhpur # 5
Sameer - Brother I had been cheated! Mera credits liye hai aur muje dhoka diya dang se padho!
12 days ago
Div V
Sir Rajesh (Malutty) kollam # 6
Hey gokul (spartens sixers) your cheating. Please return 2 credit.
6 days ago
Div VI
Aadil Modi (Kingsthan) Jodhpur # 7
Rajesh - Plz share this post as much as u can. HW must return r our credits or else loose its users now!
5 days ago

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