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alliance . looking for elite members.

by Sir vasudev (Double Thunders) 15 days ago
Bro. looking for elite members. Join our alliance .
Alliance name - TAMILLANDA

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Join our alliance . looking for elite members
Alliance name - TAMILLANDA
14 days ago
Div V
the_genius (KUDLA KNIGHTS) Mangaluru # 2
i want to join ur alliance...but there is no slots left.... so can you remove inactive member from ur alliance...?
13 days ago
Div IV
Praneet Gupta (nawabs1) Delhi # 3
Same here...remove inactive members
13 days ago
 what is the error response, you are geeting, so that i can check with htiwicket support team?

also, is there any new change in allaince, like earlier used to show 7 elite and 7 raising. now it is showing 10  size limit.
12 days ago

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