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bct season 3

by Santi Dhali (stater scorepion) 8 months ago

     Santi - (transfer ur credit here)
co-organiser - tilak
we are going to organize Backyard cricket tournament.This time we will go 8 clan and per clan 5 members..8 clans divided into two groups...grA and grB...Top two teams qualified from each group

Tsi limit of the clan members
L2-500(dummy rule applicable)
L3-650(dummy rule applicable)
L4-800(dummy rule applicable)
L5-1000(dummy rule applicable)
Now come with the rules
1)all matches to be  played as normal match.
2) all matches play bet matches
3)you can use only 2 player from 5k-15k tsi per match. Norm dummy rule applicable.
4)home team send challenge
3)match play on custom pitches 110 - 110  - 110
6)loan player not allowed
7)In case of any rule break opponent team can claim bye. FYI for deadline bye organiser will not interfere,
if both leader agree,den dey can play on same day (cross tsi limit,lon player,send challenge or accept after deadline)


Home team can send challenge before 9:30 pm.
deadline to accept the request for away team before 11:59pm
Point system

85+ Score by Batsman = 1 Points, 130+=2 Points

4 WK Haul = 1 Points, 6 Wk Haul = 2 Points

Power Play = 1 Points

200+ Scores=1 points, 250+=2 points

Opponent Allout = 1 Points, Before 50 Runs Allout = 2 Points

Win by 7+ Wk = 1 Points, Win by 10 Wk = 2 Points

win by 60 runs =1 point; 100 runs = 2 points

Win the Match = 3 Points
win 3 point
lost 0 point
bye-8 point

tie 1 point​
No entry fees


Registered member

     1.dashing riders(Pritam)   ..leader
     2.royal challengers(yuvi)
     3.jaysalmar royals(royalbhat)
     4.dream killerless(Akshay)
     1.demolition boys(tilak)
      2.dhali digglers(Santi) ....leader
     3.sonu tiger(Sonu kumar)
     4.the matrix(Manoj Kumar)
     5.gaurav super xi(Gaurav)...leader
     7.gurrila 71(Hassan Ali)
     8.flying Starz(yousuf)
     1.divine warrior (jamirah)
     2.the immortal(Rahul Agarwal)
     3.manoj Megatron(Manojicit) bleeders(sunny) ice xi(Noor)....leader
     6.dragon Power(jitin Roy)
     7.oviya army(mr.khan)
     1.Team bersolona(Yasser)
      2.whats in a name(Raj sehaj).... leader
      3.flat track stickers(p)
      4.falco belagavi xi(parvez)
      5.plata o plomo(kartik)
      6.captain jack(sir Captain jack)
      7.strom of sword(khal drogo)
       8.will miss u hate the mahi(ad gaaru)
     2.jatt boys(Rakesh tomar)
     3.super rising star(kamran)
      5.nitish warrior (nitish)
     6.legendary tales(mohistm)



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Ooo sry...confused.....managing 2 tournies together cpl nd bct....


5D VS ID (H)
7 months ago
Div IV
Sir Pritam (Dashing Riders) jharkhand # 143
7 months ago
Add me in L5
7 months ago
Div I
Sir Jitu (Pesadilla) Indore # 145
Sourajeet Mohanty - Its already finished :D
7 months ago
Jitu - Lol...I didn't see that, I saw tilak's old message and responded without seeing it :p
7 months ago
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