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cpl season 2

by Tilak Mistry (demolition boys) 12 months ago

cricket premier league

              !!!!registration closed!!!!!

  1)Tilak- (transfer ur credit here)  
After a successful season of cpl 1 we are come back again with cpl season 2 cpl season 1 -

Our beloved sponsor
sir yaseer

we are going to organise a predecided tourny . We r going with 8 clans. Every clan with 7 member so 56 teams total. we will play as league team from one clan can play two level (BIW) L1 compulsory for BIW in case of tie hattrick will b count.

Qualifier 1 -table topper vs 2nd position

eliminator- 3rd vs 4th position

Qualifier 2-Qualifier 1 looser vs eliminator winner

final- qualifier 1 winner vs qualifier 2


1. All matches should be played as 1C bet matches with full boost pitch (According to the fixture only).
2. Dummies not allowed maximum 2 players are allowed below 15k and no players below 5k is allowed. u can use no of dummies for L1
3. Leader need to inform the management if there is tsi breach.
4. Deadline to send request is 9:30PM and deadline to accept is 11:59PM. Any teams fails to accept or send request before deadline then its bye to opponent.
5. During match if TSI of any team increases due to training update, that match will consider. Since tsi increment during a match wont affect no byes will be given. So every clan leader must ensure his clan mate started a match well within limits as well as the opponent. If any of the leader from home/away clan or his clan mate failed to notice and report about training update at start and raise any issue afterwards the match will declare as DEAD match. No points for both clans.
6. 15K increase in tsi for each level  on every saturday for training once the tournament starts.
7. Matches should be sent and accepted before deadline.If anyone not able to send or accept the request for some reasons then their leader should inform atleast 30 minutes prior to deadline and both the leader have to agree on dat.
8. Rematch is not allowed at any case except if there is Hitwicket server failure.
9. Captain mode not allowed. 10. Timed request not allowed.
11.Clan leader should calculate the points and post them in forum including match links. Its the responsibility of opponent to cross check. Organisers bear no responsibility verification of points posted by leaders.
12. In any case organisers decision will be final
13. every match day one team member from every clan can use loan card. a team can use twice loan card.Loan available first come basic.
14.home clan leader have to provide the match point before 12 am by next day.if any clan leader does not submit their match point before the deadline then the away clan will claim 14 point.caln leader have to provide hattricks also.
If any clan do not declare loan card  no point to opponent and -2 for not declaring the trump

loan card- FYI-Loan card- U can take loan as per limit. 

10 players(tsi limit)+loanee limit.   
             POINT SYSTEM
win   2
bye   2
tie   1
lost   0
loan card win 3
loan card lost -1
dont declare trump - 2

L1     250
L2   500
L3     650
L4     800
L5    1000
L6   1200
L7   1500

          LOAN LIMIT
L2  60
L3  80
L4  100
L5  120
L6 150
L7  180
N.B. loan player not available for L1


Leader 4cr          xtra 1 credit
Member3cr       bye guaranteed

1. sir balaachi
2. sir rahul
3. santi
4. nitish
5. sir bappu
6. bala
7. sir parvez
8. guna seelan


leader 12
member 10

1st runner up
leader 10
member 8

docs here


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Qualifier 2

Sos L1 L3 L5 L7 home team

TI L2 L4 L6 home team

11 months ago
Hard luck Ti clan...u have played very well all of ur league matches and knock out matches....

Sos clan congratulations for qualifying the final



SOS home team L1 L3 L5 L7

BOD home team L2 L4 L6
11 months ago
Congo to clan SOS for winning d 2nd season. U guys really deserve it.

Hard luck to clan BOD. Hopefully u will come back strongly in next season. Best of luck for upcoming UT.

Please gv ur feedback and stay tuned. we will distribute all prizes.
11 months ago
Credit transferred to winning clan leader and 1st runner up clan leader
11 months ago
Tilak Mistry - Lengthy fixtures with small prizes... This is my personal view.. plz do the increase in prizes...

In other hands,

But u guys doing brilliant in organising the tourneys... Keep it up..
11 months ago
Guna Seelan - Will increase the prize from the next season
11 months ago
Tilak Mistry - Recieved rewards..

Thank you..

11 months ago
Tilak Mistry - Ya tournament was lengthy n prizes wer few... Understandable coz of lack of sponsors...

But organised smoothly this time...

Good job @Tilak..

Last 2 clans to join the tournament, played the final match..

Well played BOD throughout tournament n this was 5th final we shared among ourselves...

Well played TI , u guys gave us very tuff fight in qualifier 2.

Yuvi, swappy, Yaseer, sourajeet, raisul outstanding guys.. extremely well performed in the tournament . Without u guys victory wasn't possible..

Signing off


Happy Hitwicketing
11 months ago
Div IV
Sir Pritam (Dashing Riders) jharkhand # 189
Thank u guys for ur valuable feedback. Next tym will try to increase prizes.

Well payed clan BOD AND SOS. Both of u outplayed all other clans.

Hard luck to clan TI. U guys were near to the glory but still too far.

Best of luck for the next UTS.

11 months ago
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