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Season 27: Alliance and Auction Update!!

by Sir Soulcollector (The Frozen Throne) 27 days ago
We have been closely monitoring the Alliance system over the last few months since the last update and have collected feedback from users as well during this time.

Based on this, we noticed that the Alliance system was too cumbersome, particularly due to the Elite-Rising system and the sheer size of the Alliance/Series.

The new changes are as follows:
-No more separate elite or rising members in each alliance and an alliance can have a maximum of 10 teams. All existing alliances having more than 10 teams will not be kicked but only 9 teams can participate in an alliance series from each alliance.

Alliance Series:
- Alliance Series will be held every week featuring Squad vs Squad action.

- 3 Teams can join a 'Squad' and an Alliance can have max 3 Squads competing every week.

-All teams in an alliance will be broken down into a squad of 3 teams each every week. An alliance can have a maximum squad size of 3 per alliance. Users can choose which squad they want to be in. Squads reset weekly at the end of the current alliance series.

-First slot: Flat wicket, Second slot: Green wicket, Third slot: Crumbling wicket. Each squad member will always face the same slot member from their opponent squad irrespective of individual squad strength. Only the combined strength of the three teams is taken into account while match making.

-Alliance matches will not count for achievements and experience, instead a new reward system will be implemented in the coming updates, i.e, Alliance currency which can be earned only by winning an alliance series which can be used to power up your team in all matches! 

-If a squad doesn't have 3 teams, it will not be allowed to participate in the alliance series.

-Teams in the same squad can donate ace player to each other. If a player is donated, he cannot play in the original team. This change is done in order to make the donation system more challenging for a manager.

-Four different squads face off against each other on Saturday and the winners progress to play finals on Sunday. Please note that squads from the same alliance will never face off against each other.

-The ARP levels and current benefits will continue to exist. As said earlier, more alliance benefits will be implemented in the next month.

·Match making is done based on the team strength. Aggregate team strength of the 3 teams in each squad is considered and matched against an opponent of similar squad strength. The position of squad member determines whom he faces against in the opponent squad. For ex, First slot: Flat wicket, Second slot: Green wicket, Third slot: Crumbling wicket. will face the same position slot of the other squad.

- In honor of the beloved dev, Varun, Alliances will compete for 'The Nandode Trophy'. More details soon.

Trade restrictions
While trading in the auction is an essential part of the game, the time has come for some re-balancing. There will a trade restriction for all the managers. Users can  sell a total of 25 players per season. There will be no limit on the no. of players a manager has purchased. However, we will be closely monitoring the numbers and adjust them accordingly in the coming season. 

Auction market changes
Some changes int he system are needed to tackle cheating and reduce the tediousness of auctions:
Max players in a squad limit of 35. If any manager has more than 35 players in his squad, he will not be allowed to participate in the auction market. (This will come into force from 30th August)
Bid amount will be pre-entered, which is 3% more than previous bid. A manager cannot enter a custom bid.
Minimum listing price will be 50% of the recommended price- We have seen a lot of young scouts being sold at a price lesser than the signing price. This rule ensures minimum price for any player.

All previous season changes & updates will be implemented along with the above updates.


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Updated at: 23-08-2017

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Rakesh Puthran -

Yup - and maybe I did not link the 2 ideas well enough - but if Hitwicket are not in favour of allowing the Founder & Co-founder to fill the slots - then they are definitely not going to auto-fill them.

I know there was an automatic allocation of teams in the last format, but there was only 1 series for the entire alliance. Now that there is the option of playing only 1 squad of 3, or up to 3 squads - they wish to leave it up to player activity to fill the squads.

Good luck raising the issue though - I have in the past. They want alliances to be discussing selections and logging in to sign up - it is supposed to promote activity - auto-filling could do the opposite.


2 days ago
Shivam Gupta C MOSES Neilhowlett Srikanth_Chitti Mhasan Mohtshim Manager007 Dazzler LEGENDARY KUMBLE Vector X - ... AGE:- 17. 4...BM:- REL/HOP.. FITNESS :-UNREL... FORM:- GOOD ...
2 days ago
Soulcollector C MOSES Shivam Gupta Kamran Dhedhi AvinashSoundararajan Siddhanta Kumar Neilhowlett Janith TM Sourav biswas Raviteja_V Laxmangehani13 Mohammedzubair Poker Face Sourajeet Mohanty Rakeshdeshpande Abhiram Nambiar Vipin Beck Hassan Humayoun Srikanth_Chitti Mahboub Nabil K z m Manager Bihan Rahul Vinxii Rakesh Puthran Rahul Bhaskaran Yajnas NADEEM KHAN Mr_Simplicity Virendra TheViper Anirudh Bharath Thyagarajan Krishanu Patra NIKHIL PATEL Mohtshim Mhasan Suraj Virat Ssir Vishal arora Vinash Satish Aneesh YashPagare18 Manager007 Tanmay Rizwan Rohan Bardeskar Staroncruise Suraj Singh Asad Mehboob Pratty PRACHAL LOHIYA India Vibhanshu Kumar Dazzler Laxman Viswanath Justice Langerino Swapnil Gulwahab Bahubali Ajayaghosh Symphony faiyazansari Sunny003 Cult of personality Rahul Negi Animeshanand Shah Sikandar Zaib Mahi Manikanta Rao FenRam Umair Habib rahul sahu Athee Prattdon Pavank Abdullah Ali RAKSHITHSHETTY MD TANVEER AHMED Sudhanshu Barnwal Gaurav Tuteja Whitehori Lakshmi Gunupudi Krish Sd Rohaanul Haque Mukulchaudhary Shreyas Desai Dragon_Blood Ankxi SD Baljinder Dhaliwal Ayushramawat Ankit Hyderabad chinnu Finisher Sami Deepak JamirH Syed Shah Utsav Gambhir Sudhan KING SG Ankit Satish Faraz Khan Ramani aneesh Kiran Arjun Amartya Choudhary antarctica Vincy Rahul Gupta Abhi Alex Blade Vishal Kumar Shahim Vamsi Prashan LEGENDARY KUMBLE Sumit S Vector X Siva1992 Ganesh Jagtap Patlolla Divyakant - Daily Fantasy Cricket(Beta ProjecT) WhatsApp Number And Paytm Number :-9650938561 Entry fee:-Rs. 10. Total slot:-20 Team. Remaining Slot:- 20 1st.Winner :- Rs.50 2:- winner:- Rs.30 3-4:- winner:-Rs.10 5-10: winner:-Rs .8 How to join • Pay entry fee on Paytm Number • Create Team and message in Whatsapp Number 1 hour Before the Match Start. • Point System • Winner Team by Ranking Winning Reward Within 30 mins After End of the Match. If Total Slot will not full. you money will return in 30 mins. Join Team Payment Mobile Numbers First Match :-. St Lucia Stars Vs Guyana Amazon Warriors 2nd match :-Hampshire Vs Derbyshire Try once If your Team win money ,You Also win Reward Money in PayTm. Keep Smile And Good luck
2 days ago
Vector X (Invisible Eleven) Bhubaneshwar # 645
Neilhowlett - thanks for giving time to my problem
2 days ago
Soulcollector - "The Nandode Trophy" more details on this next week... 25 days ago it was said and still no update on this.. bhai log jab koi plan hi nai hota to ainve e monh utha k announce kr dete ho? ya devs ki chutiya aadat ban gyi hai k announce krne k bad bhol jana... Do people force you to announce? no... so plz next time plan properly a thing before announcement... and when you people say "more details in 1 week" them make sure to make it happen within that time...sorry for harsh words but you guys seriously deserve this when announce something and then forget that
1 days ago
Hi. regarding Auction, my player was sold for 9M but I got only 5M as sale credit .... no notifications regarding sale review as well .... It seems bizarre ... pls advise
1 days ago
Prasad Kozhi -

You get 1.5 x RSP, then 5% fee is deducted.

So never expect to get more than 1.425 x RSP when selling a player.

It is a rare thing to get more - so just assume this is the upper limit.

1 days ago
Div VI
Suraj (Suraj seals sp) gaya # 649
u20 cup matches are over ........I want to sell some players whose are selected in u20 ....when I will able to sell ?
22 hours ago
Suraj - You will be able to sell soon, once your team gets knocked out of the tournament
22 hours ago
Div VI
Suraj (Suraj seals sp) gaya # 651
YUVI_THE_BOSS - ok thanks
21 hours ago
Abhas (Legend Klllers) Udaipur, Rajasthan # 652
How can i join alliance
14 hours ago
Div V
Sir Soulcollector (The Frozen Throne) Hyderabad # 653
Abhas - U need to become reliable manager to unlock alliance feature
14 hours ago
Soulcollector - plzz make some changes in training and matches
13 hours ago
12 hours ago
Abhas (Legend Klllers) Udaipur, Rajasthan # 656
Thx sir
11 hours ago
Bro I need an member for our alliance plz jion my alliance name is virat chamsp
11 hours ago
Div V
Knight Rockers (Knight Rockerss) Varanasi, India # 658
Soulcollector Neilhowlett -
Players sold in auction are not moving out from my team since more than 48 hours, it says He will pack his bags and move to the new team after the end of the current match.

But already 72 hours completed since completion of match
10 hours ago
TrexCrusher (Tight Ends XL) Philidelphia # 659
I cant create an alliance even tho im an accomplished manager and have 4 credits
9 hours ago
TrexCrusher (Tight Ends XL) Philidelphia # 660
I cant create an alliance even tho im an accomplished manager and have 4 credits
9 hours ago
TrexCrusher - You need to be at least Brilliant level Manager to create an Alliance.
4 hours ago

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