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by Spr (Gentle Seamers) 8 months ago
I am unable to train most of my players from 5/6 days. They are 18-19 years old. 7 star and more than that. Have mailed multiple times but no resolution.

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any experience manager who can help
8 months ago
Same issue, not sure if anyone is looking at it.
8 months ago
receive mail from hit wicket team, can train in the next division
8 months ago
Chris Lamb (Chris Corroders 5639) Mosterton # 4
Spr Joel - I've just won a league match & it says that I should train my players but when I try to do it, it is stuck on the last type of training (bowling variation) & after I choose the players, it the says I can't & to wait for a certain time until I can train them again! please fix this!
7 months ago
Use the updated version of this apps
7 months ago
Anupam (Anupam warriors 5665) Dehra Dun, India # 6
having trouble can't train my players it is showing none of my players is eligible
7 months ago
Anupam - Once you move to your upper division you can train
7 months ago

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