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by Spr (Gentle Seamers) 12 months ago
I am unable to train most of my players from 5/6 days. They are 18-19 years old. 7 star and more than that. Have mailed multiple times but no resolution.

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any experience manager who can help
12 months ago
Same issue, not sure if anyone is looking at it.
12 months ago
receive mail from hit wicket team, can train in the next division
12 months ago
Spr Joel - I've just won a league match & it says that I should train my players but when I try to do it, it is stuck on the last type of training (bowling variation) & after I choose the players, it the says I can't & to wait for a certain time until I can train them again! please fix this!
11 months ago
Use the updated version of this apps
11 months ago
Anupam (Anupam warriors 5665) Dehra Dun, India # 6
having trouble can't train my players it is showing none of my players is eligible
11 months ago
Anupam - Once you move to your upper division you can train
11 months ago

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