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Hitwicket Rising Cup (For newbies)

by Vector X 12 months ago
Welcome HRC Season 1 . This tourney is designed for rising players (those who have played for less than 8 months). Managers of any level can make there rising teams to play in this tourney. Sponsors are needed.
Registrations are closed . If u are interested in playing ping me and i will notify u for season 2.

Season 2 is on.
It will be a side by side tournament.
That means registration are open for the players who missed for season 1.
Here is the link-

Updates of groups, fixtures and rules has been done check below.
Special entry for elite players is by sponsoring 2 credits to the tournament.

There are 4 groups.
There are 3 teams in one group.
There will be 3 friendly match days for one group and each team will play one match with each of the two teams in his/her group.
Every team will get a break of 1 match.

Group A
Serial No.                        Team                                            Manager                                      Points 

     1                        White Shadow 01                        Mohammad Tayyab
     2                        Samarth Sharks                           Samarth
     3                        Beyond XI                                      Beyond Wordss

Group B
Serial No.                        Team                                            Manager                                      Points
    1                         Beat Me If U Can 3785       Shamshad rizvi
    2                         Shooter Rocks                      Khushhal Pundir
    3                         11 devils are back               Vaibhav Sharma

Group C
Serial No.                        Team                                            Manager                                      Points
    1                         Mahi Virat XI                         Alwa
    2                         BROKE                                     Xela
    3                        Mahboub Megatrons         Mahboub Nabil

Group D
Serial No.                        Team                                            Manager                                      Points
    1                        Invisible Eleven                   Vector X
    2                        Gentle Seamers                  Spr
    3                        Pakistan 11                           Faraz Khan
Fixtures for all groups are same .
  • Sl no. 1 v/s Sl no. 2  ( Two optional dates- 1st or 8th august)
  • Sl no. 3 v/s Sl no. 1  (Compulsory date - 15th august)
  • Sl no. 2 v/s Sl no. 3  (Compulsory date - 22nd august)

For the first match two optional dates are given so that if a team has already booked his 1st august match then he can opt for the second date i.e. 8th august.
Challenge ur opponents fast and give math link.

Point System-
  • Every match win will give 4 points and 1 win bonus point for helping in same point situation.
  • If ur opponent does not accept the challenge u will be awarded 3 points and 1 co-point for helping in same point situation.
  • If the match is tied u will be given 2 points.
  • According to the 2nd rule above the opponent who did not accept the challenge will loose 1 point and 2 co-points.
  • The co-points carry more value than the win bonus points.

If u have any queries plz ask fast.
Stay tuned for updates and enjoy hitwicketing.

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Naveen Jaipur # 81
I want to participate in season 2
11 months ago
i won my matches
11 months ago
Div VI
Beyond Wordss (Beyond XI) Mumbai # 83
Vector X - who will send match request ? I have still not receved any match is on 15th
11 months ago
Div VI
Beyond Wordss (Beyond XI) Mumbai # 84
Vector X - What if the opponent does not want to play with me ? So i win by default ?
11 months ago
Div VI
Faraz Khan (Pakistan 11) karachi # 85
Vector X - accept my challenge
11 months ago
Vector X - Mahi Virat XI already booked a friendly match.... now what can I do???
11 months ago
Faraz Khan - Bro You will send me after your match with Vector X
11 months ago
Div VI
Faraz Khan (Pakistan 11) karachi # 88
ok but vector do not accept my challenge
11 months ago
Vijesh Kumar (maddy12) Ambala # 89
11 months ago
Vector X Bhubaneshwar # 90
Faraz Khan - sorry i forgot to say the tourney is cancelled

11 months ago
Div VI
Dharav Sheth (Team Arrow DM) Mumbai, India # 91
Vector X - is tournament cancelled? why?
11 months ago
Div VI
Sir Kumar S (India MSD XI) Bangalore # 92
Dharav Sheth - There was no proper communication between the teams.. So he decided to cancel this tourney
11 months ago
Div VI
Sir Kumar S (India MSD XI) Bangalore # 93
Samarth Chaitanya Bhandari Chetanya Mehta Fire Army Faraz Khan Xela Khushhal Pundir Spr Aravindan Vaibhav Sharma Mahboub Nabil Maddy Dharav Sheth Shuvro Raj Bullets Dr Davood Naveen Beyond Wordss Vijesh Kumar -

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4 Slots left in HitMan League

Teams Can register to any League based on their team Strength and TSI.
Registrations Available till 31st August 2017
11 months ago
Vector X Bhubaneshwar # 94
Kumar S - active players of my tourney join his tourney fast as i am now his partner

11 months ago
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