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Match Tactics For Challenger Cup

by sankhanil17 (CrashThrash) 13 months ago

Will try to share few tactics that worked for me in some big and crucial matches.Will try to explain as clear as possible..

let me introduce myself first..

I am Sankhanil Ghosh Playing this game for last 3 years and was HC for 2 times and AC for 1 time

Hitwicket is changing every day and to be on top you need to update yourself with the changes.

Just an year ago Match Engine was based on AFT ( A score that your team will aim if you bat first ) , but now its AM ( Aggression Meter ) and use of traits skillfully.

I would like to share my guide for the managers who are aiming to win the next Challenger Trophy ( A tourney officially made By the game developers where you can win a cash Prize of Rupees 10000 )..

Lets have a look on the format of this Tournament..

1) 25 Players Squad
2) Traits Upto Level 1 will Work
3) Form and Fitness Crucial
4) All players will have equal base stars capped upto 12 stars

With the start of the Challenger Cup it has become one of the focus and target area of many managers..

World Cup, Premere Champion and U20 Cup can bring fame for your Team and will give recognition on this game platform but Challenger Cup can give you Fame , Recognition and moreover Money too..

So if you have made your target for Challenger Cup then this post can be very useful to you...

Make a squad of 25 Players.You dont need to buy Highly skilled players.All you need to buy is 25 Players with atleast Brilliant in Batting / Bowling skills..And minimum Exemplary in Experience..

Now You may doubting why Brilliant skill and exemplary experience??

Coz to give 2 traits ( which will be only available for Challenger Cup, Coz in challenger cup effect of trait is capped upto Level 1 ) to your player you need atleast Brilliant skills for them with exemplary in experience

Select the keeper with atleast Remarkable in keeping so that you can use time machine feature and can make him atleast brilliant in keeping so that it will give atleast 10 stars in keeping according to new star system

so 1st step would be buying 25 Brilliant skills players with atleast Exemplary in experience..

divide team composition into

9 batsman
3 wicket Keeper
7 Seamers
6 Spinners

Just need to keep healthy team balance also so that you can Give traits to them, so dont give your entire money on purchasing the players

You can change the player composition, but keep atleast 3 keepers , Coz u need atleast one keeper in form atleast..

once your purchase is done you are ready with a rocking team..

next step would be to train them in Fitness..

Make Sure all of your players are in highest fitness possible before the start of the Tourney..

If any of your player get Highest fitness early try to send them to Elite Academy if you can spare them for training, as Training is not available if u have sent your player for Elite Training..By this you can get free traits for few of your players.

Now Before Match Day you will have 25 highest players with maximum fitness possible..

After form update is done , arrange your players in a descending order according to form.If you see Form update is not good try Form Refresh using game Musketeer Feature.A Great feature made by the developers to give a slight edge over others..

Choose the best form Keeper First
Then 5 best form batsman ( If you see same form update for 2 batsman, choose that one which will give a balance Right hand and left hand composition)
2 best form Seamers
2 best form Spinners
1 remaining from rest bowlers who have the best form spinner or seamer..

Now as your playing 11 is fixed..A set of highest fitness level players and best form available for that week.

Now You have to give Traits to these 11 players, yes cost is involved but 10000 bucks will not come for free and to get return everywhere need some investment..

Choose 2 best form batsman ( one right hand and one left hand ) and give them opening batsman traits ( for batting position 1-3 ) and Level 1 Maestro
( Assume P1 and P2 )

Next 2 batsman give Middle Order ( 4 , 5 , 6 ) position with one with Level 1 maestro again and another with Chase master ( P3 and P4 )

Give your rest 2 batties Lower order trait ( 7 and below ) with level 1 Finisher or Chase Master or 1 each..( P5 and P6 )

Now you have 6 batsman including keeper having traits of

2 in maestro ( i.e 2% boost for every 6 balls faced ) for position 1-3 + ( 3 % boost )

1 in maestro for position 4-6 + ( 3 % boost )

1 in chase master for position 4-6 ( 3 % + 4 % when u chase )

2 for batting in 7 and below ( 5% boost ) with chase master ( + 4% boost when u chase ) or Finisher ( + 6% boost for last 5 overs )

Your batting is ready..

Now to Bowling

Give Opening overs traits to both your seamers , they will get 4 % boost and give one of them level 1 Rithym ( 5% for each over bowled in trot ) and another one give a left breaker ( 10 % boost when he bowl againt left hand batsman ) ( Assume P7 and P8 )

Give 2 of your spinners , middle over traits ( 2% boost ) and Level 1 Rhythm ( 5% for each consecutive overs ) ( P9 and P10 )

Give trait of death overs to your 5th bowler ( 4% boost ) with Rithym ( 5% for consecutive overs) ( P11 )

Now your Bowling is ready too..

Now coming to Match, just giving traits is 50% work done but you need to do the rest 50% by using players according to traits and setting a proper Line up and effective use of Aggression Meter..

Though an ideal Line up will vary depending on the opposition and aggression meter need to be done keeping in mind your batting strength VS Opponent Bowling Strength..

I will try to give a generalized line up which will give the maximum out put..

Batting Line up

Take Power Play (1- 5)

P1 ( 3 % + PP boost ) + Maestro of 2% once he faces 6 balls
P2 ( 3 % + PP boost ) + Maeatro of 2 % once he faces 6 balls

A high batting skill bowler in 3rd position

P3 ( 3 % + PP boost ) + Maeatro of 2 % once he faces 6 balls

These 3 batties should bat in power play and as they are likely to face maximum balls and that will in course will increase their boost due to mastro trait..With PP boost and opening order traits , they are likely to survive and more they bat will get dangerous for the opponent..

Also make sure that among these 3 batties its either ( Lhb Rhb Lhb ) or ( Rhb Lhb Rhb ) to have an negative effect of left and right hand combo on the opponent bowler.Try to give preference to Rhb Lhb Rhb which will minimize the risk if opponent use left breaker...

at Position 4 bring an inform Bowler who can bat a little assume P10

then bring

P4 ( 3 % middle over ) + chase master ( 4% ) if you bat second, keeping chase master one or two in your team will make sure that your team chase a big target well and dont succumb to target pressure..

Bring your rest 2 batties P5 and P6 at position 7 and 8 , they will get 5 % boost from start as lower order trait and if u chase or at last 5 overs they will get additional boost...

The idea is your Batsman should have traits in Maestro who are batting top the order so that they can face maximum balls, and lower order batsman should be finisher or chase master as they are likely to face less balls but will start with high stars....

Now the bowling part ....

start with 2 Seamers , dont use spinners as in challenger cup there will not be any spin weak batties as all are leveled up to higher stars..

Give the Bowler P7 who is having Opening over traits with Rhythm over No 1 , 3 , 5 , 7.Give your bowler P8 who having opening over traits and leg breaker Over No 2 and 4...( If opponent starts with Lhb , rhb combo, it can break that).
Give Continuous overs to your Rhythm bowlers so that they get maximum boost, 5% on 2nd over , 10% on 3rd and 15% on 4 th consecutive over....

Give Over no 6,8,10,12 to bowler P9 having middle over + Rhythm

Give Over No 9, 11 , 13 , 15 to bowler P 10 having middle over + Rhythm

Give over No 14, 16 , 18 , 20 to Ur 5th bolwer Having last 5 overs traits + Rhythm..

Give over No 17, 19 left to the P8 bowler left..

Coming to Aggression Meter keep Neutral for 1-4 and 1-8 so that your top 3 players sustain and they get boost of their maestro trait, which can make a difference.. Keep aggressive or neutral depending on opponent bowling attack and 16-20 keep aggressive for sure...

Again am saying This is a generalized line up and will vary depending on the opponent bowling and batting attack.

Hope my post will be helpful to New members of Hitwicket Community who aspire go win next Challenger Cup..

Signing Off

Team CrashThrash


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Updated at: 28-07-2017

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sankhanil17 (CrashThrash) Kolkata # 41
Aavez Sayyad - No thats the maximum limit
13 months ago
hello i sell my player his recommend Price was 3m but some one bid him for 6.5m but 6.5 was not came for me then what is the profit i will get
13 months ago
Div IV
Aavez Sayyad (CHAMPIONS AS) Maharashtra # 43
sankhanil17 - So we can participate with 11
13 months ago
sankhanil17 (CrashThrash) Kolkata # 44
Aavez Sayyad - Yes
13 months ago
sankhanil17 - Star rating will have any impact on players skill index???
13 months ago
sankhanil17 (CrashThrash) Kolkata # 46
Star Rating will be fixed to 15 stars and depending on form it will vary from 10 to 15stars.Only one skill will be increased to 15
13 months ago
ad me
13 months ago
Div V
AAmit Sharma (Amits XI) Chandigarh # 48
sankhanil17 - One foolish question....y we need to buy bri skill players..wen all players are capped to 15*???
13 months ago
AAmit Sharma - Forgot brill skill, concentrate on fitness , form in not your hand :) , activate level 1 trait , apply strategy :D , cup is yours ,.
13 months ago
Masud Imran - Fitness also capped at good for all players :P
13 months ago
AAmit Sharma - 15 star is max level. And the star rating is fixed for one skill , a player can't generate 15* in both bat and bowl , rel/rel batty with superb fitness can generate 15* also
13 months ago
Hasmukh_Chaudhary - Ohhhh...Sorry , i am out of touch from the game these days ..
13 months ago
Div V
AAmit Sharma (Amits XI) Chandigarh # 53
Masud Imran Hasmukh_Chaudhary - yhhh any skill batty can be capped to 15* given fitness is capped gd fr all...isn't it??
13 months ago
AAmit Sharma - As Sankhanil write "Minimum Brilliant skill"

Because if you want to give traits it's necessary
13 months ago
Yes brilliant in skill and exemplary in experience may be to give traits.

Fitness will be good for all players in this Challenger Cup II.

Only thing which varies is Form and Traits.
13 months ago
Hasmukh_Chaudhary - Yes as only brill Skill players are eligible for traits so he mentioned , if don't want trait then any skill you can go with
13 months ago
Form + Traits + Strategy = Success Mantra :D
13 months ago
Hasmukh_Chaudhary - Strategy :D :D ok ok agreed ..Little bit strategy also needed , also need toss winning luck
13 months ago
Masud Imran - Of course :p
13 months ago
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