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[Guide] Match Strategy Master

by Sir Spyder Man (The Chosen One) 14 months ago

I'm not gonna lie here we can't win every match there are a few matches whatever we do we will lose because the opponent team is really that good but that doesn't mean we shouldn't fight or give him competition so let's head on an let's look at some important things which will win us the matches
1. Players Skill
2. Strategy
3. Form / Toss and other luck related factors
4. Elite Academy
5. Pitch & Powerplay (Underated)

Players Skill : It's self explanatory that a higher skilled player has a better advantage over lower skilled players that's how this bad world is :P one key thing is while selecting Skewed players or one sided legends like Titan in seam Masterful Vs Spin.... playing such guys on a spin team is useless other than that lets head on into the strategies


Batting : Predominantly there are 3 basic ways of setting a lineup
1. Reverse line up (Against seam )
2. Middle order Dummy ( Against spin )
3.Homemade Recipe :P

Reverse : In a reverse line up u play all your bowlers up front and maybe your seam heavy batsman too and hope your bowlers will play out the first 5 overs
General aggression meter is Defensive or Ultra Defensive from 1-4 then neutral till the end depends on his Batting strength u should set your aggression

Middle order Dummy: It's highly unlikely that spinners will be effective in 1-5 where they get a negative ball boost so it's best to smack them up and then follow up by dummies when they shine middle overs are pretty deadly
General aggression :
1-4 Aggressive
5-12 Defensive
13-16 Neutral
16-20 Aggressive

Homemade : It's highly unlikely to find teams with just one type of bowlers(Unless U20) so u got to mix it up and get your best possible line up now we know how to tackle spinners and Seamers individually so now let's implemented that in matches to negate the best threat we have against us and secure a win :)

Bowling : Bowling is pretty simple and common line up used by everyone , but there are some key factors which determine the result of bowling

1. Never bowl your best bowler in powerplay unless u have 5 damn good bowlers
2. If u have a bowling edge over his Batsman he is more likely to come with a defensive aggression , so time to get cheeky and bowl our not so good bowlers up front maybe a dummy overs :P
3. Mix your spin and seam bowling and lower form bowlers and good form bowlers unless your defending a total
4. Try to predict opponent line up and use your left breaker effectively to break partnership ... being a bowling trainee Lhb-rhb combo freaks me out

General Strategic Tips :

1. Use both the lineups well batting first and second , bcz u will be able to edge him out by being cheeky
2. Try not to be predictable , the more unpredictable you are the better it is
3. Try not to overdo or overthink on strategies , you know what has to be done by heart let's do it #BeliveInYourself

3. Form and other luck based factors :

Many matches are just decided by toss it's likely that a captain with more exp is likely to win the toss (General observation) so u might want to give your best exp guy the cap

Form .... try not to refresh your form if your best guy isn't in good form check that if u can play a match with the given form and win if the possible % is very low then refresh the form , this is a newbie mistake I've seen many ppl do so keep in mind :D

4 . Elite Academy : if 2 players are there the difference between them is negligible (Same Skilled) and u can differentiate them apart from their form/fitness subs now that is where your academy comes in , you can make your player become like sehwag or dravid , sachin or gayle , gilly or msd

Note: U can only send 1 player to academy at once and u cannot sell him or play him and U20 players are not eligible for academy

First things first the basics Who is eligible for the academy: Any player who is Accomplish exp and Bri in a batting or bowling is eligible

How may players we can send: One player and he is not available for any match when he is in training please understand any means he cant play in any match

What does it cost: A very small amount of finances to start the training How many traits can a player unlock at titan exp is

Tips and tricks:

If u have credits and willingness to spend this will make your spending slightly lower by using the following things u will not loose any training

If u play the guy in monday match of week 1 and send him to training in elite academy and u can happily play him in friday match of week2.

Also for 14 days use your season break time well thats the best use for tier 2 skills spend credits to avoid training loss credits can be gained through unofficial tourneys  etc

Elite academy is a very crucial part try to scout your opponent traits before u blindly set the line up bcz u can simply guess his bowling order just by the traits XD

5. Underated Aspects in a win :

Pitch is probably the most underrated aspect but it can make you or break u ... always try to play your strengths which will blossom on the given pitch and try to set line up accordingly bcz at the end of the day on a green pitch spinners are less likely to be efficient

Mastering when to take the powerplay is like mastering the art of war my best suggestion is try to target his weak bowlers if your batting first , if your bowling first try to take it before 10-12... also never take a powerplay too early against a strong seam attack :)

I have made a video on this match lineup check that with the link here

Also check the full Hitwicket guide though here :


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Updated at: 13-10-2017

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