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One Day Pakistan Cup 2017

by SaadGamer (saad pakistan sixer) 13 months ago
To see this week matches Click on see more 
Hackers is the winner of 1st Week One Day Pakistan Cup 2017
Now, this week is revenge match if you get lose again then you are out of the tourney. but if you win then it will be final count out next week on Selected pitch.

How to fix Friendly  match:
  1. Go to the opponent team page.
  2. click on challenge there is the option of a friendly match. 
  3. click on it Select Pitch and Write Tournament name in message 
  4. click on Challenge
  5. if this option does not come then ping that user. and report us because he has already booked his match.

I am back with exciting Tournament. It takes place on Season Break Tuesday. Come join us. The net run rate will be coming for the winner. it will go further if your response is good. you just have to fix your matches after registration and ask your opponent to join this tourney. Any match is accepted. if you already fix your matches then both team should join tourney for part of the tourney. no limit of teams come and play hard and give train for season break. 

                    Match schedule
 Wajahat Team vs  Down Grade 11
 saad Pakistan sixer vs youth Karachi's
  Saad Don Bradman vs  cool warriors 
 Jungle XI  vs lover xi team
 Hackers vs  Farhan
King DJ vs PK Saad 
 Saad Ambros  vs Arvind (XXX Return)
Kid Flash vs Ubaid striker's

Tarun XII vs Aafaq Nadeem

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Div VI
Siddi (Siddi Sledgers) Hyderabad # 41
hi brother. I want to join... can please add me
13 months ago
13 months ago
13 months ago
Div VI
Siddi (Siddi Sledgers) Hyderabad # 44
hi brother i want to play more and more match
13 months ago
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