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Asia Cup ~~~~~~~~~~~~DinezMob Presentation

by Sir Ankit_Gupta (Dragon Lords) 11 months ago

9. UAE

Hello guys
Here we coming with another tourney ASIA CUP

We played mini world cup, intercontinental cup, football cup, crazy tags and Asia cup qualifiers before and enjoyed lot hope I bring good enjoyment again for you in ASIA CUP.

1. This time there will be 9 teams in the tournament.
2. 9 teams will be divided into 3 groups with 3 teams each
3. Every team will play 2 matches against each other in group
4. Top 2 teams will qualify for 2nd Round
5. In round 2 qualified 6 clans playing in 2 groups ( 3 clans in each group) again they playing like round 1 and top 2 teams from each group going in knockout (semifinals & Finals).

5 teams in each clan

L1 500K
L2 700k
L3 900k
L4 1100k
L5 1300K

Tsi increment there 8k on Wed and Sunday

Advantage Cards : 
1. Pitch card for home teams
2. Loan cards for away teams
3. No cards for knockouts & Full Boost Pitch

Registration & Prizes
Normal players reg fee is 1cr

Leaders reg fee is free 

Transfer Fees to this link

Leaders have to buy country by bidding credits on it.

Minimum bid is 2cr and max bid is 10cr ( if two or more leaders bidded 10 on country then there is secret bid to avoid confusion)

Prizes for leaders if they finished as winners or runner :- ( double investment + normal prizes)

Example :- (if we got bid 10cr on each clan ) we get 90cr from countries + 36cr from normal members so in pot we get 126cr 

Winner and runner leader get 20 - 20 each first so 126-40= 86 in pot 

Winning clan getting 50cr( 10cr to each member in clan including leader) and runner clan getting 36cr ( 7 credits to each including leader) 

So winning leader 30 and normal members 10

Runner leader 27 and normal members 7
( Prizes will increase or decrease up to country bets)

We not taking any single Cr all giving as prizes and if we got some sponsors then that amount also we going to add in prizes.

Rules : 
1. Max 2 players 5 to 15k and no player below 5k
2. Deadline to send 9:30 and to accept 11:30


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Mohtshim - Leave bro I have to see my real life first pls understand. Many tourneys come and go don't worry. I just postponed not cancelled I will bring it back soon.
11 months ago
adittya57 - Bro I returned credit twice by mistake pls check and return 1
11 months ago
Div IV
adittya57 (Distrait xi) Dhaka # 224
done bro
11 months ago
Dinesh magnani - Whenever starts this tourny pm me bro.
11 months ago
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