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CT2017 Fantasy Grand Slam ~~~~~~~~~~~BY AUCF

by Sir Ankit_Gupta (Dragon Lords) 13 months ago
Champions Trophy
Grand Slam

Game Plan : 
1. As the name Suggests this fantasy will be on grand level and need active participation on 15 match days.
2. The tournament will contains 3 type of fantasies : A. Auction Based Fantasy B. All Star XI Fantasy C. Daily Fantasy
3. There will be 32 teams divided into 4 groups of 8 teams each
4. All 3 fantasies will have individual winners as well as we have Grand slam winner
5. All 3 Fantasies score will be added to decide Tournament winner
6. There will be Separate prizes for Each Fantasy game in addition to Grand Slam Prize

Auction Based Fantasy :
1. 120 players from 8 international teams will be auctioned among 8 fantasy teams in each group
2. Team auction will also take place (Team winning points will be added to fantasy score)
3. Manager needs to select inital playing XI from his bought squad and make changes as game progress
4. Points will be given to only playing 11 declared for the match by Manager
5. There will be 12 transfers allowed during group stages
6. No transfer allowed in Knockout Stage
7. Special Feature : Loan player
Details in Sheet and Fantasy Guide PDF ..............

ALL Star XI Fantasy :
1. Every team will submit their All Star XI before tournament starts.
2. Composition Rules: Minimum 1 player from each of 8 teams Atleast 7 players who can bat Atleast 6 players who can bowl Minimum 1 WK

3. Scoring will be same as of mentioned in auction based fantasy
4. After group stage team can submit fresh all star XI for knockouts 2 Minimum from 4 knockout teams Atleast 7 players who can bat Atleast 6 players who can bowl Minimum 1 WK

Daily Fantasy :
1. On Every match Day there will be a fantasy Round
2. Each team needs to declare 5 players in total 2 minimum from each team Batsmen 1 Batsmen 2 All Rounder Bowler 1 Bowler 2

3. Scoring Structure will be same as declared earlier 4. Batsmen will get only batting points and Bowler will only get Bowling Points All Rounder will get both points Captain will get double points
Daily Fantasy
5. Winner will get 300 Points 1st Runner Up Will get – 200 Points 2nd Runner Up Will get – 100 Points 6. These points will be added to main Grand Slam Table along with other 2 Fantasies

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Tournament Sheet


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