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hattrick hunter- tag buddy season 1

by Sir Pritam (Dashing Riders) 11 months ago

We r here with TAG BUDDY SEASON 1.


It's a predecided tourney. one TAG clan consists 3 teams.

L1 500k
L2 750k
L3 950k
Tsi limit for each level team. 15k increment every week.


Format - Double Knock out.

Registration fees- 2cr each team


Winner clan - 21 credits
Runner up clan- 18 credits
Loser cup winner clan - 9 credits

Point system-
wins 1point
80+ runs 1point
3+ wicket 1 point
Most runs in PP 1 point
Hattrick 2 points
10+ Runs saved 1 point

Bye points- 5 points

In case of tie TAG clan lost minimum wicket will go through.

1. Deadline of sending req. 9.30pm and accepting 12 pm.
2. Below 5k player not allowed. 2 player allowed in between 5k-15k.
3.No loanee allowed.
4. In any case rematch not allowed except Server failure.
5. In any case organiser decision will b final.
6.No replacement allowed once tourney started.
7. Regarding time limit bye , it's completely depends on both clan. But lyk other SEASON of Hattrick der will b 30 mins extension above tym line. But for dat TAG leader need to inform before deadline. And in dat period team should not buy any new player.

TAG teams =

TAG 1#  @

L1 Dashing Riders .
L2 Team Barcelona.
L3 Nitish warriors .

TAG 2#

L1 Made in dhaka.
L2 Guerrilla 71.
L3 Mushi.

TAG 3#

L1 Crashthrash .
L2 Guns and Roses.
L3 Rasipuram Rebels.

TAG 4# @

L1 Sa13 .
L2 Son of pitches .
L3 Jaat Boys .

TAG 5# @

L2 Kachchh.
L3 Vipers 27.

TAG 6#  @

L1 Royal challlenger.
L2 Ravage.
L3 Tarun risers.

TAG 7# @

L1 Timepass.
L2 Mollety.
L3 Kamran.

TAG 8# @

L1 - The Berserkers.
L2-  Divine Warriors.
L3 - Legendary Tales.



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Div I
Sir Mohtshim (Legendary Tales) Gujranwala # 82
Pritam - Bro confirm what is TSI limit 915k or 965k
11 months ago
Div IV
Sri_Sanyal (Black Riders') Kolkata # 83
Mohtshim - 965k
11 months ago
Div IV
Sir Pritam (Dashing Riders) jharkhand # 84
Mohtshim - L1 515

L2 765

L3 965
11 months ago
Pritam Kamran Sonaal N k Singh - one of the best match in my HW Career 

unbelievable win with my form updates

Thanks Sonal Bro, this win is dedicated to you
11 months ago
Gari Gaurav Mishra - Always bro...i can't do anyting bro. Ur team is too gud bro. Lolz
11 months ago
Pritam Nitish Potti Yaseer - Congratulations guys. you guys are champions and you deserve it . 
11 months ago
Gari Gaurav Mishra - Champions r in losers final;-D
11 months ago
Pritam - to be honest, i thought that scoring point through runs saved is really tough. but, your team made it easy. 14 runs saved by your team is the standout difference between 2 clans. 

well organised tournament. Happy to be part of your tournament. expecting more similar tournaments from you in future. 

11 months ago
Div IV
Sir Pritam (Dashing Riders) jharkhand # 90
11 months ago
Pritam Gari Gaurav Mishra - Tag4 v/s Tag3

l1- won (3-1)

l2- won (3-0)

l3- won (3-0)

Tag4-- 9
Tag3-- 1
11 months ago
Div IV
Sir Pritam (Dashing Riders) jharkhand # 92
Sri_Sanyal Sonaal N k Singh Gari Gaurav Mishra Modi Aircool SIVA_JS_JENISH Prabhash Kamran Sakuchi Nitish Potti Jamir Hossain Swaroop Sutar Murali Ram Yaseer GUTIBAJ DRAMA QUEEN Mohtshim - Hi guys. Hope u guys enjoyed dis tourney. Pls share ur feedback so nxt tym we can make it better.

All prizes will b distributed in a while.

Happy Hitwicketing.
11 months ago
Div IV
Sir Pritam (Dashing Riders) jharkhand # 93
Winner of season 1






All prizes distributed.
11 months ago
Pritam - Bonus cr b de bhai;p
11 months ago
Pritam - Need one change in ur pts rules...match won 2pts hona all r good...hope u will change winnung pts.
Superb tourny bro...keep it up.
11 months ago
Div IV
Sir Pritam (Dashing Riders) jharkhand # 96
Sonaal N k Singh - Thanx da for ur feedback. Surely will do dat next tym.
11 months ago
Pritam - Add me :P
11 months ago
Gari Gaurav Mishra - Kaha add karega bhai...tourney over;-p
11 months ago
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