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Star Rating Revamp

by Sir Soulcollector (The Frozen Throne) 17 days ago
Dear Hitwicket Managers,

The game balance changes for Season 26 were announced a week ago to give a heads up to all users regarding the first change i.e., Star rating revamp. In the new system, only the Core Skills & Experience will be taken into account while displaying the player's Star Rating. As a result of this small tweak, you might notice a significant boost in the Star Rating of your player on the Player Details page & in the Auction. This visual change is meant to help you get a better understanding of the quality of a player. 

Note: This is only a visual change & it will NOT AFFECT match result in any way. No changes have been made to the Match Engine

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Updated at: 11-05-2017

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Soulcollector - it's such a shame that managers continuously giving feedbacks but they are ignoring in such a bad way...I have also seen the playstore feedbacks below hitwicket app..those players response giving positive response they only responds to them..those who is giving suggestions and sharing problems on Hitwicket hitwicket developers teams ignores it. I wants to say that instead of doing new experiment why don't u make this game bug free.when u go in the match and click on the first innings score it never shows it. there is no going back option when click on any player. why don't u remove these bugs instead of revamping and doing other experiments on game..such a shame
11 days ago
Div V
Gopisamantha (Pawan Kalyan XI) Vijayawada # 422
Mysore Prince - be in your limits @mysore prince I didn't spam your fourm
11 days ago
can anyone please tell me where can I view the world Cup taking place
11 days ago
11 days ago
my match has been ended but still in progress wtf is this what do i do now.....bhenchod dimg khrb ho rha h
10 days ago
Soulcollector - when it change bro ,,now season break as apply all the feedback next season as soon as possible bro
8 days ago
wtf i have done preparation bar fully complete but in match result they said match preparation was poor and i was getting 10% boost in that match this was glitch or anything solve this it is so frustrating and my one matcg was going for 8 hrs it was also frustrating some stuffs are really problamatic pls solve...
8 days ago
Symphony (Bitter sweet) Hyderabad # 429
excellent sir
7 days ago

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