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Bug in F5 match

by Mr Ash (Pikachu) 14 months ago
I played a F5 and i won the match by 14 runs.i batted First and scored 41/1 and defended the opponent.they only manged to get 27/4 after 5 overs.but after finishing the match and i try to collect the MRP its showing a different result.the result that shows is the opponent batted first and scored 100 runs in 5 overs and my team batted second and scored 13 shorter and scored 87 runs in 5 overs.and it shows the opponent won by 13 runs.
1.firstly my team was batted first team won by 13 runs
but it is totally showing reverse.please devs look into it and try to give me my MRP
Match Link:
hope you will look into it.

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Sir Soulcollector (The Frozen Throne) Hyderabad # 1
your link doesnt redirect to the match to check it >.>
13 months ago
Div VI
Mr Ash (Pikachu) Kottayam # 2
Soulcollector - but it was the link...i just copied it from that match.i searched again for the match to take the link but i am not getting it.i can only see matches from 3 days ago happened to me again 1 week ago.i have taken pics of that match.
13 months ago

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