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Get Elite and Rising Managers for your Alliance.(Post requests to Join alliance and also Call for Members).

by Rakesh Puthran (RVP XI) 3 months ago
Guys and Gals,

Get Elite and Rising Managers for your Alliance.(Post requests to Join alliance and also Call for Members).
Re-starting this ,due to popular demand and need for the various Alliances in Hit-wicket. Please don't forget to like the Forum if you have genuinely liked it and found it useful.

Since the new version of Alliance(Alliance 5.0) started on10th August 2016. Many alliances have needed more Elite and Rising managers  and also many managers needed new alliances or some may have want to even change alliance just for fun or the heck of it. 

This is the right place and forum for managers  to post their requests to join any alliance and also for alliances to specify ,what type of managers and the numbers of each type(Elite and Rising) that they need.

So go ahead and post and " May you get to be in the best alliance and may the best team join your alliance."

Also Check out the Game Manual(for Alliance) Link -

A short version of the explanation about the Series is available here -


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Virsa (Virsa Vegans) Bhim, Rajasthan, India # 165
5 elite member need pls Join my alliance "new day"
2 months ago
Div VI
Goodson (Blue India) Varanasi # 166
We are looking for our Next Elite Avenger.. STRONG ELITE TEAM Join my Alliance
2 months ago
Div VI
Veer (Super Strikers fc) Rajasthan # 167
Join my alliance "new days" need 4 elite member pls
1 month ago
Div VI
Laldino (Sindh) Khairpur # 168
join my alliance " hitwicket sixers" elite and rising managers needed
1 month ago
Div V
Rakesh Puthran (RVP XI) Mumbai # 169
Veer Laldino - Posting your Alliance link Helps other members to join your Alliance.
1 month ago
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