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CotU Unlimited - Tripura Players Camp

by SD (AMAR TRIPURA) 15 months ago
Although marked as an Unofficial Tournament, this one is more like a Players Camp, where we will nurture each and every well-trained Tripura player for the present and the future. So, this is basically where your players will get trained, monitored, and also advised for quick and better improvement. The entire managerial camp of SD (me) will personally take care that we do not leave out any gem from our list.

[[[ Trivia:
CotU (Clash of the Underdogs) is my flagship tournament, which I started way back during October 2013. So far, we have had more than 16 seasons of CotU.]]]

The camp is so designed that each player will get individual attention from us regarding their Tripuri players.

Here is where we won't ask you to play any matches, neither will we ask you to be involved in bidding or any other kind of competition. The ONLY competition that we will see here is: HOW WELL YOU TRAIN YOUR PLAYERS.

Again, this is applicable ONLY to Tripuri players in your teams. We aren't bothered about other region's players. :P

We will monitor your player improvement with each training session, and will individually guide you to the next pop-up. You may or may not be very experienced in HitWicket, so we make sure that we treat all of you equally. As declared in the FB group, we will give out credit rewards to players for every pop-ups within a defined age. 
This is required so that we keep our Dream of building a MASSIVE Tripura attack for the future. 
Our age vs skill requirements are super-competitive, aimed to ensure that your players reach Titan level in the corresponding skills, before the age of 28. We have spent an immense amount of time and experience for developing such a target scenario, which will be tailor-made for each and every player in this competition, in a different way. 
After every pop-up, we will ping the managers individually and let them know the target age within which they have to achieve the next pop.

We are aiming at keeping this Camp alive for the next 1 year, at least, so as to give max attention to every player.

Phase 1 successfully completed on 28th June. 3 musketeer subscriptions and 653 credits distributed

Last, but not the least, PLEASE REMEMBER: This is NOT a bribe given to you for training Tripura players. HitWicket is already rewarding you for having state team players by waiving off their Salaries. We are just trying to make ourselves stronger, and making it possible for the state, often referred to as an Underdog region, become a Monster region; and that, my friends, is the Big Tripura Dream that we are all going to be a part of. Help us, support us, so that we can help and support you in return. 

MUSKY WINNERS LIST FOR 1st Phase of Tripura Players' Camp:

Senior Players:
Shishir Bhatia
Deependra Mishra

U20 Player:
Joeyross Chandler

MUSKY WINNERS LIST FOR 2nd Phase of Tripura Players' Camp:

Senior Players:
Fariz Alkasmi
Sayan Chakraborty
Thushan Senanayke

U20 Players:
Junior Ginn
Ruchit Tatkare

MUSKY WINNERS LIST FOR 3rd Phase of Tripura Players' Camp:

Senior Players:
Varun Nandode
Erik Jarvis

U20 Players:

MUSKY WINNERS LIST FOR 4th Phase of Tripura Players' Camp:

Senior Player:
Junior Ginn

U20 Players:

Tripura Players Training & CotU Sponsorships Till Date

********* July 2013 to Oct 2016 **********
Sponsor - Credits - Musketeers
 Mihir (ex-AC) ------ 22 ------- 0 
 Sir Lt_Aldo_Raine -------- 0 ------- 2 
 Eemran (AC) ------- 24 --------- 1 
 Sudiip -------- 24 --------- 7 
 Sir Indian_Wenger (3-time AC) -------- 65 --------- 2 
 Sir Sandy (ex-HC) ---------- 146 --------- 
 SD (current and 2-time HC) ----------- 180 ----------- 26 

******* Nov 2016 to 6th Jun 2018 ********
Sponsor - Hitcoins- Musketeers
 Sir Sandy (ex-HC) ---------- 1,800 --------- 1 
 Eemran (AC) ------- 16,100 --------- 1 
 Sudiip -------- 10,000 --------- 0 
 Siladitya & Co. -------- 1,78,500 --------- 7 
 SD (current and 2-time HC) ----------- 6,21,300 ----------- 13*
Bongo Sir -------- 30,000 --------- 6
Swaroop Sutar ---------- 800 ------------ 0

Note: 1 Credit = 100 Hitcoins

New Rules for Phase 5 Onward...

Various Tiers and Terms in the Camp


Special Note to non-serious trainers who join the Camp only to get credits: If you buy a Tripura player and sell him off after a few pops just to cash in on our Camp's set-up, please note that you will not be allowed in the Camp since the point we find this out about yourselves. We need serious trainers for our Camp. Thank you.

Last but not the least, we are all humans. Mistakes are bound to happen. If any of you feel any of the above decisions are not right, and need to be changed, please feel free to discuss with us on this forum itself. We always encourage a healthy discussion to boost the bench strength of Tripura. We thank you all for your continued patronage in fulfilling our Big Tripura Dream!

Signing Off-

Head Coach - Team INDIA
Head Coach, Tripura Trebuchet
InterContinental Cup 2, World Cup 5, World Cup 6

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Updated at: 06-06-2018

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Div IV
SD (AMAR TRIPURA) Agartala # 1866
Tripura Players Camp | Phase 4 | Final Rankings - Seniors

1> Junior Ginn [1.439M Points] - 3-Month Musky Prize
2> Ismail Kardar (SLP) [1.156M Points] - 3-Month Musky @ 50% Discount OR 1500 Hitcoins Prize
3> Asad Nadeem [1.149M Points] - 1000 Hitcoins Prize
4> Rafiq Husain [1.059M Points] - 500 Hitcoins Prize

5> Shaan Singh [1.019M Points]
6> Chandramauli Jain [1M Points]
7> Yugeswaran Rajmurti [967.48k Points]
8> Eemran Saha (PLM) [948.33k Points]
9> Tapas Chaturvedi [835.64k Points]
10> Ruchittatkare [816.78k Points]
11> Erik Jarvis [770.38k Points]
12> Chandramauli Saxena [761.04k Points]
13> Suman Talukder (SLP) [754.59k Points]
14> Pabok Agarwal (SLP) [744.73k Points]
15> Chayan Mehta [731.11k Points]
16> Thushan Senanayke (PLM) [710.49k Points]
17> Fariz Alkasmi [701.39k Points]
18> Arlo Laura [660.68k Points]
19> Shishir Bhatia [659.98k Points]
20> Siladitya Sen (PLM) [655.41k Points]
21> Sujith Chavva [640.22k Points]
22> Sagar Sen (PLM) [633.43k Points]
23> Debesh Arora (PLM) [632.39k Points]
24> Husain Hassan [624.58k Points]
25> Manan Khandelwal [622.23k Points]
26> Bhatia (PLM) [620.19k Points]
27> Mohitkartik Haider [610.56k Points]
28> Charanpreet Singh (SLP) [601.45k Points]
29> Gagan Bellamkonda (PLM) [587.19k Points]
30> Sumandas Tripuri [583.01k Points]
31> Sayan Chakraborty (PLM) [581.28k Points]
32> Nayan Chaturvedi [578.72k Points]
33> Sachin Prasad [574.81k Points]
34> John Buraah [574.44k Points]
35> Tony Stark (PLM) [559.66k Points]
36> Varun Nandode (PLM) [557.61k Points]
37> Chayan Arora (SLP) [552.28k Points]
38> Debarjun Ghatak (PLM) [551.15k Points]
37> Biman Khandelwal (PLM) [540.47k Points]
38> Gobinda Saxena (SLP) [524.55k Points]
39> Thandi Steyn [515.77k Points]
40> Glenn Hayden (SLP) [502.12k Points]

41> Shantanu Chaturvedi [491.0k Points]
42> Tom Nagamootoo (SLP) [477.7k Points]
43> Sree Harish [476.1k Points]
44> Manideep Chakraborty (PLM) [470.7k Points]
45> Abhoy Verma [459.8k Points]
46> Utsah Revenkar [455.8k Points]
47> Debjain (PLM) [452.4k Points]
48> Nicolas Thorpe [452k Points]
49> Tahir Gul [447.8k Points]
50> Viraaat Kohli [446.9k Points]
51> Deependra Mishra (PLM) [445.1k Points]
52> Debesh Jain (PLM) [441.5k Points]
53> Smit Shah (PLM) [412.7k Points]
54> Dhruv Thakur (PLM) [397.5k Points]
55> Gobinda Saxena Junior [389.5k Points]
56> Bhaskar Saha (SLP) [381.6k Points]
57> Yuvraaaj Singh [348.7k Points]
58> Ansaree Nadeem (SLP) [339.5k Points]
59> Suman Das [337.5k Points]
60> Kirandeep Sandhu (PLM) [315.6k Points]
61> Chittaranjan Saxena (PLM) [311.4k Points]
62> Dheeru Suraj (SLP) [308.6k Points]
63> Rohit Ghodake (SLP) [299.1k Points]
64> Edwin Harper (SLP) [293.5k Points]
65> Puma Shekhawat (PLM) [290.7k Points]
66> Makarand Valodi [258.7k Points]
67> Chintan Arora (PLM) [245k Points]
68> Raisul Shariful (SLP) [227k Points]
69> Chandra Khandelwal (PLM) [206k Points]
70> Chinmay Goel (PLM) [106k Points]
71> Fanculian Stronzo (SLP) [89k Points]
72> Nehal Gupta (PLM) [56k Points]
73> Mani Waraich (PLM) [41k Points]
74> Anand Khandelwal [9k Points]
75> Akshya Kumar (PLM) [0 Point]
76> Chandrashekhar Agarwal (PLM) [0 Point]
77> Debendra Gupta [0 Point]
78> Ebrahim Gul [0 Point]

Tripura Players Camp | Phase 4 | Final Rankings - U20

1> Norman Newton [1.028M Points] - 1300 Hitcoins Prize
2> Indranil Mehta [1.021MPoints] - 800 Hitcoins Prize
3> Aseem Goyal [1.003M Points] - 500 Hitcoins Prize

4> Chandravadan Kohli [1.002M Points]
5> Deeptimoy Aggarwal [928.39k Points]
6> Chinmay Mongia [920.72k Points]
7> Abhoy Singh [867.33k Points]
8> Adhusudan Chaturvedi [847.25k Points]
9> Deeptimoy Saxena [823.08k Points]
10> Vamshi Krishna [816.78k Points]
11> Chandrakishore Chaturvedi [773.06k Points]
12> Travis Hart [736.74k Points]
13> Chandramauli Verma [672.03 Points]
14> Chandrakiarn Kumar [657.41k Points]
15> Deepak Jain [618.76k Points]
16> Chandranath Trivedi [505.68k Points]

17> Adhusudan Jain [494.5k Points]
18> Deeptendu Verma [472.5k Points]
19> Deepakar Agarwal [470k Points]
20> Aseemmaheshwari [407.7k Points]
21> Som Nath Saxena [384.5k Points]
22> Deep Agarwal [371.4k Points]
23> Chandran Bhatia [357.5k Points]
24> Abhirup Saxena [350.8k Points]
25> Chirakumar Kumar [340.9k Points]
26> Deepankar Singh [322.9k Points]
27> Henrybadger [276k Points]

28> Pranab Chaturvedi [183k Points]
29> Henry Maddocks [110k Points]

16 days ago
Div IV
SD (AMAR TRIPURA) Agartala # 1867
Phase 4 phase-ending rewards will be distributed tonight. 

We have got one new sponsor, but need more to continue with the smooth flowing of the camp. Total sponsorship needed currently: 400-600 credits per month. Till we find more sponsors, the Camp will be on hold.
16 days ago
Div I
Sir Smit Shah (WINGS ) Ahmedabad # 1868
SD - good camp
16 days ago
Div IV
SD (AMAR TRIPURA) Agartala # 1869
Phase-ending rewards have also been distributed successfully among all winners. Thank you everyone!
16 days ago
SD - Thanks a lot for this amazing musky reward... You guys are awesome... #Cheers
15 days ago
Div IV
SD (AMAR TRIPURA) Agartala # 1871
Hitwicket Savior - Thanks.
14 days ago
Div IV
SD (AMAR TRIPURA) Agartala # 1872
Good players from Tripura and Tripura managers currently on auction:

Suman Das - 27.23 Supreme/Magical batsman - 90M (Code: 22893094)
Fariz Alkasmi - 26.22 Wonderous/Brilliant seamer - 137M (Code: 23365213)
Sachin Prasad - 26.41 Wonderous/Brilliant seamer - 140M (Code: 23169547)
Suman Das - 27.05 Supreme/Brilliant seamer - 81M (Code: 23119101)
Suman Dasgupta - 27.07 Supreme/Brilliant seamer - 75M (Code: 23154145)
14 days ago
Div V
Defensor (Kort Runners) Kolkata # 1873
Everyone: I am quitting HitWicket. If anyone wants to get my team, please contact me in Facebook. SD - I will be available on Facebook until I get an intimation from you. Thereafter, I will be reachable only on Phone and WhatsApp.
10 days ago
Defensor - good decision
10 days ago
Div V
C MOSES (ORANGE ARMY team) Telangana # 1875
Defensor - coincidence bro !! even iam quitting hit wicket .sad to hear every olkd manager is going :(
10 days ago
Tripura young 17 young old bowler on sale. Player id: 33954815
7 days ago
Div V
Rodimus Prime (XYXI) Janakpur # 1877
Tripura RM on sale: 27 yr old Sup/Bril seamer.
6 days ago

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