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by Shaikh Shahrukh (INDIAN SUPER KINGS) 15 months ago

hitwicket information right is to connect all people to each other


Very helpful to new comers

Head Coach Winner list is Finally Come out
To See Your Region Head Coach

Click on Below Link:


Our Facebook Page -

Benefit of Joining This Group Is

1) You will get all information about hitwicket
2) All expert member will be connect an share their experience
3) You can ask any question about hitwicket
4) You will get All update Related hitwicket
5) You also get tips about Training and etc
6) We clear your doubts

Other benefits

1) If any Guy tease our Member that guy report will be send Direct to (HW) by mail from All of our member (president,Vice-President)

2) All Member will get in touch if u r in problem.

3) You can easly sell ur player and buy new player
4) if you need member for alliance you easly get alliance member no need to suffer so much
5) Help to complete your achievement
6) You get people unity power by becoming our member

7) Help to play friendly match and bilateral series
8) Also connect with your state Head Coach ,Assistan Coach and Pro

I will make group State Wise

For Joining This Group:

1)You have to provide your mobile no but not in forum you no need to highlight your no in forum just ping me i will connet you to the group

Rule are has to follow all member

1) Do not misbehave with any member of group. otherwise you will be remove from group
2) Do not give bad words
3) If meeting time is declared so be panchual in time

Interested people Give Like and comment Add Me
and send me mobile no (In Ping)

1) By helping activity you also get promote and eligible to give ideas

2) and by helping and solving their problem you also become a member of our decussion group of (HIR)

If i have not added you than remind me plz
otherwise (PING) to Vice president

Thank You.


Hashim Anjum


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Div V
Ashique (Aaashi Smashers) Kerala # 21
Add me
15 months ago
Div V
Preetam (Karnataka Rocker) Karnataka # 22
How can I join here
15 months ago
Preetam - You have to provide your mobile no
Me in ping
15 months ago its is free tourney jion it bro
15 months ago
Jion it bro
15 months ago
15 months ago
Puma_430 HIGHFLYER Ashique Mohd Kamran Joel Shuvro Abdulrahim Hashim Anjum Sumedhbhatwadekar LEGENDARY KUMBLE nomi782 tarun Das Preetam Rahul_07 Vikash Singh Johnsamuel - All of you thanks for showing your interest in this hitwicket information Rights
Make sure we help New comer
15 months ago
add me
15 months ago
Div VI
SURYASINH (AT 8884 XI) Jamnagar # 29
Add me
15 months ago
SURYASINH - Thanks for your interest
15 months ago Hitwicket Maharshtra Coaching Center!
15 months ago
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