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Why i am not getting full money after cutting 5% of my player sell that is cheating By hitwicket

by Kenil (Kkr 11 2579) 1 month ago
My player was sold for 31 million but i only get 4 lakh that is cheating by hitwicket . They should not allow bid for more 4 than if they can give me only 4 lakh

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Div VI
AH_Chaudhary (Ranavas Royal) Gujarat # 1
You will only get 1.5*Rsp of player ..

No matter how much someone bid on your player
1 month ago
Shinde Tejas (DANCERS DIVINE) Mumbai # 2
AH_Chaudhary Kenil - Who bids 31m for 10k si player
Isn't it fishy here
1 month ago
Div VI
AH_Chaudhary (Ranavas Royal) Gujarat # 3
Shinde Tejas - Did I said it's not fishy, or maybe newbies bid....

Can't say anything without checking :)
1 month ago

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