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The Fire Icon

by Simon Mok (Reminiscence) 1 month ago
Can anyone please explain what does the "Fire Icon" appeared in a player's profile mean?
It appears, in most cases but not 100%, in those with high SI. And not all high SI players have this "Fire Icon".

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Updated at: 19-03-2017

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Div VI
Simon Mok (Reminiscence) Hong Kong # 21
Laxman Viswanath - SI must be the main reason; I just want to know HOW MANY SI does a player needs to get that flame. May be, as Sir Hitwicket Savior said, batsmen bowlers and Wks all have different SI levels for each colour of flame, and younger players need fewer SI compared to older ones? That would make better sense. 
Anyway, your words assure me that SI is the key factor. Thanks!
1 month ago
Simon Mok - Nope bro!!!!! Am quite sure that Age doesn't play a factor in Fire Tags.... An 18 yr old can get a Fire Tag if he has that particular SI to have the tag and a 27-28 yr old player may not have the Fire tag, even though he is older in Age, but doesn't possess the required SI to get one!!!!!
All depends entirely on SI:)
1 month ago
Div VI
Simon Mok (Reminiscence) Hong Kong # 23
Laxman Viswanath - So bro, do you have any idea about how many SI one needs to get a flame, for most cases? I observe my team and it looks like somewhere around 35000 is the threshold. Not sure about you guys. 
1 month ago
Simon Mok - For batsmen and All-Rounders, 30k is needed for Minimum Flame (Yellow)!!!! For Bowlers it's 40k!!!!! Not sure about Keepers (Maybe 20-30)!!!!
1 month ago
Div VI
Simon Mok (Reminiscence) Hong Kong # 25
Laxman Viswanath - This looks true! It matches my team's case, except the 34 yr old all-rounder who still holds his flame despite having only 26202. 
Want to see if others are the same. 
1 month ago
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