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Cant see all bowlers even after selecting

by Moinuddin G (Daring Greatly) 15 months ago
Browser: Chrome OS: Android Match link: I was supppsed to play a u20 team. Steps: 1. Go to change lineup 2. Select 11 players 3. Select batting positions 4. Selected 6 bowlers 5. On the next page, only seeing 3 bowlers and wk as the fourth bowler. Seeing an issue, I go back to previous page tp confirm. I see 6 bowlers selected. Again clicking next, same thing as above. 6. Tried for 15 minutes. 7. Cant proceed because I am not able to fill 20 over slots. I see match started with my previously set default team. However i see some overs being bowled by players whom I never select as bowlers. Please, my opponent feels cheated by me because of this bug. And I feel frustrated because I wanted to play an U20 team.
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filter popular comments Same issue, dev , plas check :(
15 months ago
Div VI
Ankit Prajapati (PS eleven) Ahmedabad # 2
I m able to set lineup bro. Download app bro. Easier nd faster
15 months ago

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