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champions premiere league season 1(closed)

by prakhar007gupta (Gupta XI Club) 13 months ago
  • IPL fever is on.
  • Have u ever thought of taking part in a tournament format which is exactly like IPL and that too free in which there is no registration with credits??  
  • This is it guys, i am presenting the tournament in which u can participate in virtual auctions and can fulfill your fantasy of playing in IPL. 
  • There will be all 8 IPL teams i.e. 1) Kolkata Knight Riders 2) Mumbai Indians 3) Delhi daredevils 4) Kings XI Punjab 5) Sunrisers Hyderabad 6) Royal Challengers Bangalore 7) Gujrat lions 8) Rising Pune Supergiants
  • Teams Registered till now: -
  • prakhar007gupta (KKR)
  • Nilesh (MI)
  • Fawad (KXIP)
  • Jagadish(JUMPING JOLTS) (SRH)
  • Sir Dillibabu (RCB)
  • Siddharth Agarwal (GL)
  • Each team will consist of 5 managers.  
  • The registration is free and no charge shall be taken and since there is no outsource funding that's why there is no prize, the tournament is just for Fun.  
  • 8 Clans with 5 teams each.
  • All 5 teams will be given a specific role like a team good in batting will be given a role of batsman and a team good in bowling will be given a role of bowler and one team will be given a role of wicket keeper.
  • captains will hand over me the list in which they have to mention that which team of their is in what role, for example : - Clan KKR has 5 members in it, each of them will be either acting as a batsman or bowler or wk and these all 5 members have to play against the other 5 members of another clan.
  • Dont get confuse, u all have to play just like u do, i will give an opponent and u have to book ur tuesday match with that opponent and if ur role is a batsman then i will point ur team on the scores u made and if a team is a bowling then i will point ur team on no. of wickets taken, and if u are acting a role of wk, then i will point ur team on the catches and stumping done by a wicket keeper.
  • Winning or losing of an individual team will not be counted, all the points of all 5 members will be added and then it will be seen that which clan has more points will win.
  • This tournament will have 4 rounds in which 2 clans with lowest points will be eliminated, and last 2 rounds will be semi finals and finals.
  • have any doubts, clear with ur captains and remain active, many things will come.
  • Teams can't use a loan player
  • Pointing system : - 
  • If a batting team scores 0-50 runs - 1 point will be awarded, 51-100 - 2 points will be given, 101-150 - 3 points will be given, 151-200 - 4 points will be given and above 200 - 5 points will be given.
  • If a bowling team gets 1 wk-1 point, 2 wk-2 points, 3 wk- 3 points and so on.. 10 wk-10 points.
  • If a wicket keeper will take a catch and stumping of a wk team, then they will get 1 points each for no. of stumpings and catches.
  • If the points between two clans are tied, then winner will be decided by most no. of wins by individual teams of that particular round.
  • Remember this pointing system will go till 2 rounds and as soon as there are only 4 teams left, pointing system will be removed and in semi finals and finals, the winner clan will be considered.
  • No loan player allowed.
  • Use of a loan player will deduct 5 points

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Updated at: 19-04-2017

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guys, my season 2 registration has been started, 3 slots have been filled and 13 are left, hurry up for registrations, here is the tourney link: -
12 months ago
add me
12 months ago
Srinath Hyderabad # 764
prakhar007gupta - add me
12 months ago
today is the finals, good luck guys
12 months ago
Div V
Preetam (Karnataka Rocker) Karnataka # 766
Good luck all finalist
12 months ago
HELLO EVERYONE, at last we arrived on our finale, the winner of CHAMPIONS PREMIER LEAGUE SEASON 1 is RCB and RUNNER-UP is GL, RCB scored 27 points in finals match whereas GL scored only 11 points.
This VICTORY is most dedicated to RCB captain team DILLIBABU, whose tactics helped him to win this tournament, and captain of GL siddharth aslo deserves a lot of appraisal as he reached finals, but a great applause to other team members who stood by the tournament till the end, i thank everyone in this tournament for playing it and making it a huge success.
I have already published CHAMPIONS PREMIER LEAGUE SEASON-2 in which registrations are open and if any one wishes to be the part of this franchise, then please register yourself to this link : - 
Once again thanks everyone for playing in it and making it a huge success. BE IN TOUCH AS I WILL ORGANISE MANY MORE TOURNAMENTS WITH DIFFERENT FORMATS
12 months ago
prakhar007gupta - add me brother
12 months ago
Sravan Kumar Reddy B - comment in that Tournament
12 months ago

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