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World conquest

by cricfan (Cricfan XI) 10 months ago
Is there something wrong on world conquest page? When I hit the challenge button, nothing happens. Like there is no appearance of any box or window giving me options to arrange a match. 

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Div VI
Puma_430 (VIRTUS PRO) Jaipur # 1
Try After this WC!
10 months ago
Div IV
cricfan (Cricfan XI) Detroit # 2
Puma_430 - Any reason(s) for that? 
10 months ago
Div IV
Sir Soulcollector (The Frozen Throne) Hyderabad # 3
because all wc teams have been cleared, once squad for teams are finalized you will be able to
10 months ago
Div VI
Puma_430 (VIRTUS PRO) Jaipur # 4
Soulcollector - Hope that would be Enuf!
10 months ago

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