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tuesday trophy

by Noman Gorsi (Gorsi Empire) 14 months ago


1.Friendly matches are going to play on Tuesday by schedule declared. 
.if u  fix match friendly  Already then you challenge match with your competitor.
3. After completion of your match post the Match link..
4.No loan player allowed
5.Sl Limit 99k

1st round 16 matches  play each team

16 teams
  1. Kings Empire

  2. Fast Speed

  3. thrilling challengers

  4. Smrat Empire

  5. Newcastle Firsts

  6. Sanjay Stormtroopers

  7. Reddy Rhino's

  8. Hawkeyes 7866

  9. BCA 11 Kings

  10. Draft King

  11. Maratha Warriors 1990

  12. Donald's Doomers

  13. Siewicz

  14. VODARTO 12

  15. Zeus Warriors

  16. dhamu boyzz XI

Here we need just 16 team ,divided by 2 pool each pool has 8 team Top of the  4 each table chance to play QUTERFINAL  semifinal then after grand finale....... NB:- 1.Active team required 2.Friendly match 3.No loan player 4.No bounty 5.Make challenge to earn more points in a match 6.FREE ENTRY 7.No prize money


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11 months ago
11 months ago
Div V
Noman Gorsi (Gorsi Empire) Hafizabad # 251
Noman Gorsi Gujjar power Tejas kesarwani -
Winner is

Smrat Empire

11 months ago
Noman Gorsi - Congratulations!!! It was a good match
11 months ago
Div V
Noman Gorsi (Gorsi Empire) Hafizabad # 253
Tejas kesarwani - now i started long term tournament if u want to join this tournament. It will honor for me.  tournament started in next month but need only team which active and stay for long term  tournament may be 1 season or 2 season
11 months ago
Noman Gorsi - Great thinking....m with u
11 months ago
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