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Super Hitwicket version for Android versions 4.4.4 or lower

by Sir Soulcollector (The Frozen Throne) 11 months ago
Hey guys,
You can now download the super hitwicket android version for lower end devices in the below mentioned link. Use the "Download Apk directly" option.

Note: Download only if you are unable to use the hitwicket app from playstore. This version won't get the regular updates like the play store version


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Updated at: 25-02-2017

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Div VI
Ranjith GK (Killer XII) kuwait city # 1
Soulcollector - If we can't update then how do we get new features
Can I use the 2016 app instead
11 months ago
Div IV
Sir Soulcollector (The Frozen Throne) Hyderabad # 2
This app has the elite academy feature, 2016 one doesn't
11 months ago
When we can use superhitwicket web version. [
Including elite academy]
11 months ago
hi I want to buy a player
11 months ago
Buby # 5
11 months ago
Div VI
bahubali (india 3282) delhi # 6
cool forum

11 months ago
Soulcollector - When can we expect a portrait mode for the superhitwicket? Are there any plans for this? Landscape mode for the app is super annoying. Some of us have only two hands and prefer to use just one to hold the phone. :-/
11 months ago
The new app download page says it is not compatible with my device..
11 months ago

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