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by Arggers (Inactive Team) 11 months ago
[EDIT: Finally on a PC so I can type properly]

On the new app, when trying to write forum posts or enter auction bids etc one gets white text on a white background, so you can't actually see what you're typing. And even then when you go back in to correct the errors, you've no way of telling where in the text you are.

This issue is made worse by the app being landscape orientation only, as it obscures what you're trying to type as you're typing.

Is this on the fix list, or is it safe to assume it'll get ignored in favour of a new icon and music?

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It's difficult to type in landscape mode as we have a habit of typing in portrait mode+the white screen sucks and makes it difficult to type
11 months ago
Some kind of acknowedgement from the devs wouldn't go amiss.
11 months ago
Any response, or acknowledgement this needs fixing?
10 months ago

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