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☆☆U20 Cup Prediction

by Sir AH_Chaudhary (Ranavas Royal) 5 months ago

Hello Guys,

                     This post for u20 prediction you can predict your prediction or you can knew the future here :D

 Experts will predict there choices so you can follow it or by good ranking you can join expert panel !!

To Become Expert:

Submit your prediction daily, if you come top30 in ranking you will be added into expert panel :)


Sir Harshit_Raina - 11212 - Rank 2

Sir RajatJindal -  - Rank

Sir SakshamThakur - 11212 - Rank

Jaimin Brahmbhatt - 11112 - Rank

- Salim_Aslam - 11212 - Rank 30

- Hardik - 11212 - Rank

- Pranav - 11212 - Rank 27

Matches to predict 






Final prediction: 



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SIRKunal Kadam - He's a cheater !
4 months ago
SIRKunal Kadam - He cheated my invitee ...
4 months ago
Div VI
SIRKunal Kadam (Kadam 11) Nagpur # 204
AH_Chaudhary Javed_Khan - Bro I don't know what he is talking about. And may prediction are predicted by me and I can select the team which I think wins.  So don't call me cheater.
4 months ago
SIRKunal Kadam - You said my invitee to bid on your player when he bidded you never replied @Cheater !
4 months ago
SIRKunal Kadam - You said you'll give musketeer
4 months ago
Chandra Varma - You have to copy the image and post it where you want through app
4 months ago
Javed_Khan - Bidding for credit & musketeer is also cheating in hw
4 months ago
Join new alliance YUVICAN Yuvraj Singh fans can join this alliance
4 months ago
AH_Chaudhary - I didn't bidded, my foolish friend bidded...
4 months ago
Div V
Chandra Varma (Rebels) Visakhapatnam # 211
AH_Chaudhary Shinde Tejas - I tried it on my new forum. But I failed to do so. Is there any other way from mobile phone?

Need your help AH_Chaudhary bro.
4 months ago
Sir Ankit Prajapati (PS eleven) Ahmedabad # 212
Chandra Varma - On mobile phone in app only option to set an image is when u select bug report as ur catagory. That too just one image i think

On mobile web u can select a cover photo while creating unofficial tourneys
4 months ago
Chandra Varma -

On web

you have to add picture to picture upload website like tinypic and then post link it gives you for picture in URL space

4 months ago
Div V
Chandra Varma (Rebels) Visakhapatnam # 214
minykid - Thanks for the help minykid. Will try..
4 months ago join this tournament and win credit
4 months ago
21212 I am going with rank 57
4 months ago
4 months ago
Prediction : 12222
4 months ago
Join ths short intersting tourney
Hurry few slots lft
Chck it one's
4 months ago
Div V
Chandra Varma (Rebels) Visakhapatnam # 220
minykid - Bro,

In tiny pic it's showing an URL. But after pasting it to the original forum, it's not at all showing the images but the link..

Is there any other way of pasting images?
4 months ago
Div VI
Suraj Swaraj (Swaraj Warriors) Hilsa,Bihar # 221
Join this very short tournament....only for Fantastic level manager to Legendary level Manager.....Must visit my tournament page and join
4 months ago
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