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Not exactly a bug

by Priyanka Choudhary (AngelsX1) 14 days ago
I choose bug report just to get the attention of the hitwicket officials. Looks like not only on streets girls are molested even in online games now. Guys keep ping me lines like " Hy sexy " " hello beautiful " etc etc I ignored at starting but this keeps on increasing day by day. Few people will say that it's jst a compliment but fr you people " I am not here to get compliments on my beauty, I am here to play the game " . The problem is that I texted this random guy back this time saying tht I'll report to police and he was like I dnt give a shit . All I can say to hitwicket officials is that atleast add a report button in ping messages and if you find those messages wrong just delete those guys account. Your game is awesome you are getting so much praise few desperate people if thrown out of the game won't make much of a difference to your game :) Thanks for this game :)
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Javed_Khan (Ceylone) Hyderabad # 21
Great ...
11 days ago
SakshamThakur Daywalker Axel Blaze - He was banned for just one week......
5 days ago
Div VI
Aadil Modi (Kingsthan) Jodhpur # 23
Join it
5 days ago
5 days ago
Abhi - How to report where is d report in hit wicket app tell me
5 days ago
RAHUL_SINHA - He always ... Disturbed me and begging for credits and musky for free

He just need things all for free

How everything will come free
5 days ago
5 days ago
Div VI
Aadil Modi (Kingsthan) Jodhpur # 28
Priyanka Choudhary - Sorry I had not chatted with u at that moment. I respect girls. And I want to say u sorry if u r hurted. Waiting for ur response. Whatever penalty u will give me I will obey.
4 days ago gud Batsman
4 days ago
3 days ago
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