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All About Elite Academy Q&A (Beta Apk)

by Jaimin Brahmbhatt (Blue Thunders XI) 14 days ago
Hey Hitwicketians,
      WELCOME TO Q&A About Elite Academy all questions answered here

***how to send player to elite academy***

 You will need to use hitwicket facebook app from PC


You will need BETA Version App of Hitwicket DOWNLOAD HERE :
Just follow the instructions in the forum and you'll be experiencing the Super Hitwicket Beta on your Android device very soon! 

****Important Note**** 

If you have downloaded the APK by acquiring it from someone or any other source online, please uninstall it before you go ahead with the following steps.

Step 1 : Go to this link and enroll yourself for the beta test program 

Step 2: Wait for a few hours (1 - 2 hours) and then search for the new app in the store OR open below URL from your Android phone's Chrome, it will redirect to the play store. 

Enjoy experiencing the new Super Hitwicket Beta on Android before the rest of the World!!

And of course, don't forget to tell us how you like it! :D 

Have a great day! 


If u can't enroll then download here :

To see how to use elite academy step by step follow link to this video






The Elite Academy is a special training facility where you can train your players to be specialists in batting or bowling. The Elite Academy helps you train a player for a specific role in your team. Training at the Elite Academy will give your player a specific boost in the game depending on the trait you choose to unlock.

2) What are TRAITS  ?
The boost enhancement a player gets by training at the Elite Academy is called as a “Trait”. In short, traits are the specific roles and abilities the player will be trained for.

3) What are TIERS ?
The Elite Academy consists of 2 basic components viz. Batting and Bowling. Each of these components has been divided into 3 Tiers. The tiers have specific traits within them to choose from and the traits have individual levels which the managers can unlock. Tier I will be the first available tier for managers to choose a basic trait. From the next trait unlock, the manager can choose to level up the same trait in Tier I or move over to Tier II and then subsequently Tier III for an more specific trait unlock.


4) How to train in ELITE ACADEMY ?
Check the forum post given below or for detail steps watch the video link given

5) Where to get ELITE ACADEMY ?
Right now it is only available on FACEBOOK APP 
And on Hitwicket Android BETA version download it now at - 

6) What is requirement for a player to be trained in ELITE ACADEMY?
It will require atleast Accomplish Experience to train in level 1 trait after which it will require +3 experience of player following... Exemplery, Magnificient ... apart from experience it requires atleast BRILLANT in Batting Seam / Batting Spin / Bowling Main
/Bowling Variation

7) Does it requires CREDITS ?
No, it does not requires CREDITS. But u can use credits to finish training instantly without wasting week for training that trait.

8) Does it requires FINANCE ?
Yes it costs 200k (2 LAC) for sending a player to ELITE ACADEMY.
Also if you want to finish training instantly it requires not only CREDITS but FINANCE also.

9) How many players can i send to elite academy at the same time ?
You can only send only 1 Player at a time but  you can train more than once if you just finish training by spending credits and finance.


10) When i send a player to ELITE ACADEMY will it be available for normal TRAINING?
No the player will not be able for Training once you send him to ELITE ACADEMY.

11) How much time does it take it to train in any trait?
Starting from lvl 1 it takes 1 week and further it takes 2 weeks and more.

12) What is the deadline to use 5 free weeks given by hitwicket?
There is no deadline to use 5 free weeks given by hitwicket right now u can use it anytime when u wish

13) What could be the exact time to send a player to elite Academy?
The best time to send a player to elite academy for level 1 will be for
Let your player play for first league match and train your player and send to ELITE ACADEMY in this way your player will be not available for 2nd match.
Match 1 still your player will be not there but next day of match player will back now it's just simple now let your play match 2 and he will be able to be trained both weeks as well as he will get TRAIT also.

14)Will training traits in Elite Academy will give increase in Skill Index?
No it will not increase skill index of player anyhow.


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Jaimin Brahmbhatt - What will be shown on the player card bro ?
2 days ago
Is this new version will be available for android application
1 days ago
Prashant Anand - Yes it is available link is given above
1 days ago
It says " not available in your country"
1 days ago
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