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MSD cup (60 cr prizes )

by Sir B Praveen (Praveen's Pioneers) 19 days ago

Hii Guys,

who are the organisers??

1) praveen pioneer's

2)Mr.simplicity (ELIT3 DANGEROUS)

What's it about?

This is my second tourney and I decided to start it to hail the services of M.S.Dhoni to indian cricket.

How's it gonna be???

-It's a clan based tournament
-8 clans each containing 4 levels each
- Pre decided clans are accepted

TSI levels???

Level 1- upto 400k

Level 2 - upto 600k

Level 3 -upto 850k

Level 4- Upto 1250k

Reg fee???

members -1 c

Leaders - 2c


yes there are awesome prizes, sponsors are welcomed.
sponsor :- myself (praveen pioneer :- 10c)
As of now prizes will be
winners:- leader -8c, members- 5c

Runners :- leader -6c , members -4c

As it is based on MSD, Best wk batsmen will get 5c.

There will be team of the tournament at the end and each player who got selected will get 1c each.

so total of 60c are getting distributed ....gear up guys

Any cards???

yes 1) Loan card- within limit

2)Pitch card - choice of pitch

pitch and type???

All matches will be played on custom all boost pitch and 1c bet matches

Increment in TSI?

15 k per week






6)Faraz's Clan

7)ANISH gupta


Tomorrow's fixtures


clan 1 vs clan 3(H)

Clan 5 vs clan 7 (H)


Clan 2 vs Clan 4 (H)

-Clan 6 vs clan 8 (H)

- Deadline to declare card - 2

- Deadline to send match -9pm
Deadline to accept match - 11pm

- matches should be 1c bet matches on custom all boost pitches

- home teams should send req

- in case both the teams choose a card then who declares first will be eligible for card

- organiser decision is final


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Updated at: 16-01-2017

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Clan 3
L2: pitch card
L4: pitch card
13 days ago
Harsha Chowdary Movv - Future not update harsha
13 days ago
L1:pitch card
L2:- pitch card
L3: Loan card
L4:- pitch card

Clan 3 using
12 days ago
Harsha Chowdary Movv - How many time u will update.... Fixtures?
12 days ago
Vishal Vikram - Is there any limitation that we should post n number of times..??
12 days ago
We using pitch card in l3
11 days ago
Dinesh magnani - Why me :(
11 days ago
B Praveen - Prize kab doge
10 days ago
Mr_Simplicity B Praveen - When we gonna get prizes..??
9 days ago
Please join my alliance himachal King
5 days ago
Div VI
Aadil Modi (Kingsthan) Jodhpur # 271
Join it
4 days ago
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