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Give Elite Training to your Players!

by Sir Soulcollector (The Frozen Throne) 21 days ago
The Elite Academy

 Statutory Warning: This is a long announcement but worth reading. Ensure a good appetite for awesome ideas before reading on! 
“You do not win or lose games because of the 11 you select. You win or lose with what those 11 do on the field.”  Rahul Dravid summed up the simplicity and complexity of Cricket in that one quote. 

 It’s been a fun ride for all of you winning regularly and a bumpy one for the ones yet getting into their groove. Knowing how all of you are going through the “regular drill” of setting lineups, we thought it might be time to just “change the game” and make it interesting. If you’re the guy who goes by superstitions and doesn’t change his winning eleven, we’re hell bent on breaking the monotony. If you’re the fan of “rotation policy” and have a set piece for replacing the players regularly, we’re here to disrupt that settled system and have you wrack your brains even more while picking the lineup!
 Defining a batsman (or Bowler) as a Left Hander (Arm) or Right Hander (Arm) with a skill rating depending on his ability isn’t enough. What gives him the differential edge from his peers is his “Role” in the side. The manager needs the choice of knowing the role of the player. 

 With the Elite Academy, we bring this power to the managers. Setting the lineup will now require much more than basic strategic moves. Instead of just shuffling the combination based on form updates, the Elite academy now allows the manager to study and build their team around players who have complete clarity about their roles in the team. So, you can choose to train your special young prodigy to be an explosive opener, a brilliant finisher or a Flat Track Bully. Or he can ensure that his promising young scout needs to be trained specially to be a bowler who runs through sides once he tastes initial success or a guy who has left handers for breakfast, lunch and dinner! 

 We’re calling the enhanced boost in player’s ability as “Trait”. Traits are the specific roles and abilities the manager chooses to train the player for. You don’t just walk into the best college without scoring in high school. Similarly, a trait is a special power and it doesn’t just fall into the lap of all players; they have to earn their entry into the Elite Academy. The player becomes eligible for the next trait unlock once he has made through 3 subsequent experience levels, starting from “Accomplished”. 

 Staying true with the realistic nature of the feature, once the manager chooses to send a particular player to the Elite Academy, the player will not be available for matches till his training is complete/trait is unlocked. But once he returns, he is just unstoppable! 
And to make sure no one shouts about capitalism with the rich guys ruling the roost, a manager will be allowed to send only 1 player to the academy at a time!! 
So everyone will have their “Mauka Mauka” moment to be in the Elite Academy! ;) 

The Skill Tree

 Let’s get into the real deal of the Elite Academy right away. 

 In the recently released movie, Dangal, Amir Khan says, “Champions don’t grow on Trees”. Well, we beg to differ; our traits do grow on the “Skill Tree”.

 Let’s understand this unique “Skill Tree” 
The Skill tree offers 2 distinct branches: Batting and Bowling!!

 The tree becomes accessible for a batsman only when he becomes Brilliant in “Bat Seam” or “Bat Spin”. A bowler needs to be Brilliant in “Bowling Main” or Bowling Variation” to access the skill tree. The traits in the skill tree are divided into tiers. While you can level up to 3 levels in a trait, every level up will count as 1 “unlock”. All-rounders, the rare breed of cricketers, have the privilege of unlocking 1 trait each at a time, from batting and bowling. However, he will be able to do after he has gained 3 levels of experience. 
 The Tier I offers basic options to make your batsman either a Top order, Middle Order or Lower Order or pick your bowler to be Opening Overs, Middle Overs or Death Overs bowler. Tier I has 3 levels within which the managers can opt for with subsequent unlocks. So, with the next unlock, you can choose to go level up in Tier I or move over to Tier II specialisation
 Tier II is the place where you choose the specialisation. In short, you get to develop your batting prodigy into a Warner or a Dhoni or a Kohli or choose to make your bowling sensation as good as a Dale Steyn or R Ashwin or Lasith Malinga, depending on your long term strategy! 

 Also, Tier III will be available soon make sure you are spoilt for choice! 

 Though all the traits are equally enticing, you have to make the tough choice of picking just one trait per tier because you cannot ask your batsman to be David Warner for going bonkers at the top and then try and suddenly make him into Carlos Brathwaite for the finishing touches! So, pick the traits very wisely. Higher level traits take longer time to train.

 We’ve grown this tree to help you get the taste of the victory fruit more often! 

  • Elite Academy is implemented on the Facebook version of Hitwicket. 
  • Android version of super hitwicket will be released within two weeks.
  •  Traits will be applicable by the match engine from 11.01.2017.
  • Only one player can be sent to the elite academy at a given time.
  • Every manager is awarded 5 free weeks of training for Elite Academy. Use them wisely!!

You can access using this link (works only on desktop or laptop)--->

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Updated at: 10-01-2017

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WORLD T20 CUP 2017 ( SEASON 2 )
2 days ago
How age I trained my players
2 days ago
Div VI
Sujoy (Unpredictable XI) Dinajpur # 704
What a bullshit hitwicket match machine is!!!
they are updating everythingds except the most important thing
just hopeless
2 days ago
Div VI
Mohd Kamran (Mohd Kamran XI) Allahabad # 705
Khanmeraj IamSM Poriyalan_Athipathi Nadeem Peace Keeper Soulcollector Tarun Mandava RajatJindal - Friend this new fb aap version does not have logout option.
2 days ago
I sent a player rename request 4 credit removed from my account. how much time its take please help me.
2 days ago
Soulcollector Peace Keeper - Why is the player ageing while in the Elite academy? Since we cannot use him at all during that period, it is unfair to increase the player's age. This is a big deterrent towards higher tier trainings which takes more than 1 week.
2 days ago
Reetam Mitra -

Just another cost-benefit that you need to work out, like aging a player in Time Machine and thus losing some of his effective playing life. If your player is one of your stars and you cannot afford to have him missing for several weeks - then you could pay to have him instantly complete his training. Thus there is an option that allows you to keep your player with your team at all times.

An option that makes more money for the game owners! You seem surprised by this?? I'm sure there will be more options in the future that require credits, and thus create revenue for the owners. How else could they spend money on developing, maintaining and running the game?

2 days ago
Neilhowlett - I was surprised coz I think I had read in some comments by either a dev or an experienced HWer that the player wont age while in the academy. Trading age for skills is different. My bone of contention is just like I don't have to pay the salary for the wk spent in the academy, he should not age as well. For that time the player is NOT UTILISED BY ANYONE IN HW, as if he is in a limbo. Technically he is as good as non existent in HW universe. Spending credits for instant training is supposed to be based on the principle whether I am okay with him not being part of team for some time or whether he is too imp so that I cannot afford for him to miss a game. Also the player shouldn't lose fitness while in the academy
2 days ago
Dinesh Khemka (dd XI 332885) Kolkata # 710
How can i participste in this tournsment
1 days ago
Reetam Mitra - it's like time doesn't stop for no one even if he's utilized or not same is the player age

stopping a player being aged could have major impact on U20 so I'm sure for the benefit of wider range he is growing normally unlike time machine which bumps his age also
1 days ago
Peace Keeper - why not cap the normal increase in player age for u20 eligible players only. If not the previous rule of elite academy being unavailable for u20 players was better. Have a feeling, a Titan exp player who is elite trained for the max 5 times, will probably end up spending almost 1 whole season in the elite academy till he is 30.
1 days ago
Reetam Mitra - it's up to the manager and that's what this game is about making strategies why do u think it impacts only in U20 let me give u another example

Take a premier team mostly they have oldies consider a player 149k Magical/Magical in my team who's above 30yrs

now I know that he will decrease skill on Tues so I will simply send him to academy on Monday and instant finish before the next match on Friday. costs some credits but I don't have a decrease in skill because of not ageing up

u can take a semi trained player , play him Monday send him into training , immediately send him to academy to prevent his ageing a player who would be 24yrs Legendary would be 23yrs legendary though this involves a spending aspect that's a big advantage and I'm sure the devs aren't going to make it a p2w game
1 days ago
Any one for friendly match
1 days ago
Javed_Khan (Ceylone) Hyderabad # 715
Join our Alliance of Remarkable level -
6 hours ago
don't spam here 
4 hours ago
Div V
Sir Vikram (Vikrams Vipers) Bangalore # 717
Wen Android version coming?
2 hours ago
2 hours ago
Sorry for spamming
2 hours ago

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