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Season 25 | Game balance changes

by Sir Soulcollector (The Frozen Throne) 16 months ago
Hitwicket is about maintaining the balance of the game while not compromising on the game-play. We’ve decided to tweak a few things to make the game even more interesting. So, here you go! 

1) Experience Boost 
Previously, there was no experience boost beyond “Exemplary” level. Now this cap on the experience boost has been removed. The boost to the previously eligible players has been brought down to half of original in order to give the experience boost to players at all the levels equally.  So, no one feels left out from now on!  Please note that due to this change, star rating might drop for lower experienced players in hitwicket. This is expected and not a bug!!

2) Experience Gain
 Players participating in Challenge,  Friendly and Alliance matches will now gain experience . But instead of all players, only three random players will gain experience  per match. Soft cap for experience would be 2 levels per year of player's age. Once the player hits the soft cap, his
experience gain will become 1/10th of the original rate.

2) Left Right Combo Disruption 
The left right combo disruption will now last for 2 deliveries with an enhanced boost! 
The left right combination is set to give more headaches to the bowling sides.  Seems like a good time to set a batting lineup that maximises the frustration for the bowlers!  

3) Pitch Boost 

a) Crumbling pitch / Green pitch: 13% 
b) Flat pitch: 13% 

a) Crumbling pitch / Green pitch: 8% 
b) Flat pitch: 9% 

The bowler friendly pitches like the green tops and crumbling dust bowls will now offer a more even contest between bat and ball. But don’t think for a minute that the batsmen are running away on the flat ones. The boost for batsmen on flat pitches has also been reduced to give some much needed respite to the hard working bowlers. A much needed twist, indeed!  

4) Custom pitch 

Max Limit: +15% 
Min Limit:  -10%

Max limit: +10% 
Min Limit: -10% 

Home advantage is a must but it’s fun only when the contest is gripping. It’s time to just tweak the scales for custom pitches so that the game becomes even more interesting. The maximum mark on the Custom pitch scale will now be +10% and the minimum mark will read -10% 

6) Aggression Meter
Aggression meter will now be available for league matches as well.

So, with the game changing the balance to become better, how will you make sure you don’t let your winning fortune change? It’s time to shuffle the strategy pot because the game is ON! 

7) Initial over Seam boost and Spin nerf
Initial over seam boost has been reduced to first five overs and also the boost percent has been decreased. Similarly spin penalty has been reduced to half the value.

8) RSP revamp
There has been modification with the RSP value of players. Age now plays important part in determining the RSP, older players RSP value will be lesser than their previous RSPs. 

Note: These changes will go live by next monday i.e, 09.01.017
Happy New Year


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Sir Soulcollector (The Frozen Throne) Hyderabad # 303
The star reduction in the current season for your players compared to the previous seasons can be due to

  1. Experience changes
  2. Pitch boost changes
  3. Initial over boost reduction for seamers
  4. Left-Right batting disruption

Once your players gain more experience and traits as we progress though the season, the star ratings of players will improve.. The "traits" are not implemented yet on match engine, so once they're implemented, you will notice a boost in the star ratings! 

16 months ago
Soulcollector - Hi... The new achievement Dynamic Duo is showing locked for me and asking me to complete any1 previous achievement but I have already completed all the previous achievement... Please help and unlock the new achievement.... Thanks...
14 months ago
Can i train 10 players per week if I'm a musky?
14 months ago
14 months ago
Moinuddin G -

Up to 10 in batting and bowling. Depends which type of training you select. Some allow 3 others 5. Dual focus of musky allows you to train Batting after 1 League match then Bowling after the other.

14 months ago
Neilhowlett - Yeah but he is asking if I can train 10 players in only one time which is not possible
14 months ago
Where does he ask that? He asked if he can train 10 per week.
14 months ago

In fact you can train up to 22 per week if you count fitness and fielding.

14 months ago
Neilhowlett - Yeah I know that but I pinged him is he asking about one week or one day and he said one day
14 months ago
Thank u..I meant 10 per week..I tried student pack and couldnt train 5 it might not be available in student pack
14 months ago
14 months ago
I do not think there is an option for training 5 batsmen - I think only 3 batsmen is max. But 5 bowlers is max.  So to do 10 you would need to do 2 x 5 bowlers. (10 different bowlers)
14 months ago
Oh ok...thanks
14 months ago
Harichintapalli Vijayawada # 477
HURRY !!! 4hous left remarkable felding and accomplished bowling Great Young player Only 10K bid him already Bid started
14 months ago

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