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[Update Traits Combo]A To Z , One stop Guide to Hitwicket

by Sir Spyder Man (The Chosen One) 18 months ago
Hello Everyone Welcome to the post where u can find A to Z about hit wicket and indepth analysis of the upcoming features which have been announced and what we think is a best way to use them and also a few tips and tricks what i have learned in the game , everyone is welcome to contribute to the post.

Analysis of a Latest Feature or Update:

Elite Academy :

if 2 players are there the difference between them is negligible (Same Skilled) and u can differentiate them apart from their form/fitness subs now that is where your academy comes in , you can make your player become like sehwag or dravid , sachin or gayle , gilly or msd

Note: U can only send 1 player to academy at once and u cannot sell him or play him and U20 players are not eligible for academy

First things first the basics
Who is eligible for the academy: Any player who is Accomplish exp and Bri in a batting or bowling is eligible
How may players we can send: One player and he is not available for any match when he is in training please understand any means he cant play in any match
What does it cost: A very small amount of finances to start the training
How many traits can a player unlock at titan exp is 5.

Tips and tricks:
If u have credits and willingness to spend this will make your spending slightly lower by using the following things
u will not loose any training if u play the guy in monday match of week 1 and send him to training in elite academy and u can happily play him in friday match of week2.
also for 14 days use your season break time well thats the best use for tier 2 skills
spend credits to avoid training loss credits can be gained through unofficial tourneys  etc

Best batting traits:
 Maestro: it gives 2% boost for every 5 balls faced thats a huge boost and is not situation based

Best Bowling Traits:
Rhythm : 5% boost for every over bowled on a trot 
Left Breaker: 10% boost against Lefties this is a huge thing

Most Useless Traits Batting & Bowling :
Flat Track Bully in batting
Blitz to some extent in bowling since it could be lethal against ultra defensive aggression  

Academy Combos :

Seam Heavy Batsman:

Perfect opener - Top Order(+3%)*2 +Dasher(+5%)*2
Support opener :Top Order(+3%)*3+Maestro(2% for 5balls)*2 

Add these with the slightly skewed batting seam skill and u got a legend right there and also power play and Aggression meter only comes as an added advantage

Balanced Batsman:
 Chaser(Kohli) - Middle order(+3%)*3+ Chaser(4%)*2
 Middle Order Master: Middle order(+3%)*3+Maestro(2% for 5balls)*2 
 The Killer Show : Middle order(+3%)*2+Finisher(6%)*1

the middle order wins you games so its very vital your best bats play in the middle so its vital to have ,maestro equipped on them

Combo 3 is only recommended for Spin heavy or i call them suicide batsman
The Last Stand:  Lower Order(+5%)*3+Chaser(6%)*2

ideally i would have gone for lower order 5 times but its capped at 3 so x3
thats the maximum boost we can obtain for him and its vital that we provide him as much guaranteed boost we can for him because your already lost half your squad

we made this to give a keeping most situations in mind
we didn't use flat track bully because out of 6 different pitches flat is 1 and the utilization of it is very low.... more over the flat track itself boosts a lot so no p[int in boosting again 


 Opening Bowler : Opening Over(4%)*3+Left Breaker(10%)
this could be the most deadly opening bowler since ppl open with LHB-Rhb Combo this could be a great thing consider to bowl 1-3-5 with him
Support Opening Bowler: Opening Over(4%)*1+Rhythm(5% for ever alt over)*3 
consider bowling him 2-4-6-8


Middle order control: Middle Over (2%)*2+Rhythm(5%)*3
Death Overs Specialist: Death Overs(4%)*3+Rhythm(5%)*2
Trump Card : U name the situation he is ready to bowl in it doesn't matter to him
Middle Over (2%)+Blitz(5%)

We will keep updating these combos if we find better or after the tier 3 traits release
So lets start with some useful pointers 
1.Ur finances is your best friend try to increase it and u may be weak now but u will be a force on any day with a ton of finances
2.Never over spend on scouts or on any players instead of spending 50-60m on a scout u can buy the trained player for almost the same amount its really time saving
3.Focus on players and only maintain the squad which is enough to win u the league , that will save u a lot of salary later on and saving is the only way u stay rich :P
4.Do whats in the best interest of the team i know thats difficult but sticking to a player will only bring u down but when ur attached to him it would be good if u understand when to sell him and maximize the profits
5.Definitely book your friendly matches with bounty the only way anyone gets better is with some competition

Now lets move on to Training 
I dont want to tell u the same old way on how to train bowlers and batsman i am sure many good users would have made such a post and ill surely link it in here. so i classify training in 3 types
                                its really simple u buy Acc/acc 18-19 yr old pop them to rem/rem and sell the accomplish batsman will cost u anything between 2-4.5m and sells between 11-14m which is a decent profit here your only goal is to maximize the earnings per training slot so buy a player in high subs would be really ideal same goes for the bowlers but train them from acc-bri bowlers hardly take any time and do not experiment bowlers with bv training its very very slow and very tough to predict a pop.
  its highly recommended only after u have made a good amount of finances  and the title says it all buy players with low fitness and give fitness and sell also if they are in high subs use the fitness split to pop them if possible and this is one of the best ways to grow finances in a main stream

The old way of things and a more reliable and risk free way of doing things , revenue generated might be low but u can pair up some of your time into trading and we still good ill give u a link about the trading guide 

So how i would advice anyone who started would be 
1.Start with Floaters due to the low initial amount
2.Switch to Wk training for a few weeks 
3.After u have 100-120M your ready to start with trainees buy 17.50 type bowlers who are U20 eligible train 2 seasons and sell during U20 peak
4.continue this cycle for 2-3 times then your ready to either go for a permanent set or go with floating to make money be cautions while spending on scouts
5.when u have 500-800m u are ready to make a name for yourself in hit wicket 
For In depth details on floating and trading check this guide Click Here

There is one Advanced training Technique which Varun Nandode gave us its called replacement ... u buy avg players and keep replacing your worst player with a better one untill u are satisfied the only challenge would be the market conditions but then its a perfect way to have a young and strong team 

Next Big aspect after players is setting a proper lineup we will talk about this after player characters .
Click here to read the best Lineup guide

Now that we have taken care of the Finances , Team ,Lineup now its time to make a name for yourself
and how do u do that by becoming a titan manager XD
Click here to read the Mrp- improvement guide by the blazing phoenix 

Lets See some useful tips which might come handy
1.Saturday u have a overdraft fee and the finances in current bids do not count so try to maintain positive balance always
2.U20 Eligibility : Last Fridays Week number in season *7+ number of days since friday simple isnt it now u dont need to calculate always
3.Maintenance some times Hw announces maintenance place auto bids and u might get lucky with a player u never know
4. Always sell with Monday, Thursday ,Friday as deadline to maximize the amount as most users tend to be online on match days :)

i understand most of us are frustrated with the way trc reviews but im gonna try and explain u how the system works 
Market Price is the main base of trc and similar market price doesn't mean the player has to have the same skill and age ... system is built to check the closest player and add or subtract the amount depending on the other factors like age and fitness
Important things to note before Magni subs do not count
Player needs to be at least Exemplary to be eligible for TRC

Gem Addiction:
A Single super skilled player might win u 1 match its the team which always matter so try not to spend too much on gems most importantly on scouts buying a semi trained gem makes more sense than buying a scout XD

State Team Training:
When u want your player to play for a state team in hitwicket Cup the highest achievement for any player u need to consider a few things ..
  1. Check the Teams current Strength and project your player to 23-26yrs and see if he would be able to make it into the roster
  2. If you are unsure message the head coach he will surely more than love to assist u
  3. Try to buy Indian players as the have more chance to make it into the squad if trained well in the current scenario
Head Coach:
U can become a head coach of a state by nominating during the Hitwicket Elections held every 8 months or so there is a huge responsibility on the head coach and leading that team properly isn't an easy job so only sign up if ur dedicated and have time

i have a few pointers from what i learnt by being the head coach 
  1. Focus on players who are aged around 21/20 years first because they are your trump cards in the coming season
  2. U need to plan atleast 3 seasons ahead of the cup then u can understand which players can make it into the final 25
  3. if u plan ahead contact the manager and ask him to train players to your liking which will benefit for the state team
  4. If u dont do the above one u will be literally begging users to give fitness
  5. If ur not sure about a player dont take him 134k bats with doubt and 125k bat with guarenteed fitness take the second guy undoubtedly
  6. Do not use Multis to buy players and give fitness that would be a waste of any potential he has for the next cup.

We are almost done except for a Rules
  1. You are under no circumstances allowed to own more than 1 team. Owning multiple teams will be considered as 'cheating' and all such teams will be Deactivated.
  2. You may not cheat or try to hack Hitwicket or somebody else's account. You must not threaten or insult other users or send spam to them. 
  3. Also make sure u make the right comment on the forum instead of spamming them.

Few Helpful Links
  1. Batting Training Guide
  2. U20 Basic
  3. Bowlers Training
  4. Do u think u made an achievement tats awesome head out to our record book page and register ur name in the Record Book
  5. Bored? Wanna Play a match head out the the Best bet room chat

Thats it for now Guys i think i covered most aspects will be back on Sunday with the next update ask me any questions u would like to ask or anything u want me to add


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Div II
Sir Spyder Man (The Chosen One) Aurangabad # 252
no only credits

1 week 4 credits and proportional
14 months ago
Raheem raza (RAHEEM RAYS) GULBARGA # 253
Spyder Man - And second one?
14 months ago
MJ Aishik (Master's Mind) Kolkata # 254
Can anyone help me by telling what happens after the free elite training weeks get over? What is the cost of post free elite trainings?
14 months ago
Div II
Sir Spyder Man (The Chosen One) Aurangabad # 255
u can wait out the time the player is in academy or use credits

4 credits for each week
14 months ago
4 credits + 1 mill finances.
14 months ago
MJ Aishik (Master's Mind) Kolkata # 257
Okk thank you for the information
14 months ago
My player spend one week in academy now he is not updating to level 2 and not sending again
14 months ago
Does he meet the minimum experience requirement of Exemplary for his 2nd visit to the Academy?
14 months ago
Madhu # 260
14 months ago
habsghjjneed a player
14 months ago
Spyder Man Neilhowlett - Hey , I am getting only 1.5 times the rsp when selling a player who is not a scout. Previously the 1.5 rsp limit was only for scouts, has it now been extended to include ALL players ?????
14 months ago
Reetam Mitra -

It has been a limit of 1.5 x RSP for all players for as long as I have been playing -- so from Jan 2016.

14 months ago
amount deducted!! credits not given
14 months ago
sir I need ur help
14 months ago
Div V
Sivaram (Mextheenoz) Coimbatore # 266
I have 5weeks of elite training. does that increases¿ how¿
14 months ago
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