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Find/Book Bilateral Series Opponent Here...!!!

by Sir Lord_Phoenix (Blazing Phoenix') 30 months ago


Musky Feature Bilateral Series 2.0 is here!

Now in Bilateral Series, you can decide the time of the matches to be played with your opponent.

Deadline for setting Bilateral Series: 

1st match can be Start at: 11th March 2017.

Dear Musketeer’s,

This season is going to end. And don’t forget about the “Bilateral Series”. Don’t miss out to book your Bilateral Series in this Season Break. Yeah! Play & Enjoy the Season Break. Have much fun in this Season Break of Hitwicket.

This is an unofficial post to find your opponent for Bilateral Series in this season break. Last season 100+ series are booked through this post.

To find your opponent for the Bilateral Series. You simply do the following procedures:

*Enter your Team Name/Team Link

*Your Manager Reputation

*Requirements of opponent (Mention about required opponent’s Manager Reputation/Total Skill Index (TSI) etc.)

*Anyone looking for U20 Bilateral series mention it in comment. 



A Brief Introduction about Bilateral Series to New Musketeers;

?What is Bilateral Series.

                Bilateral Series is a non-league Series which consist of 5 matches which will be scheduled between two teams.

?Who can play/eligible in  Bilateral Series.

                The Bilateral Series is open to all Musketeers (Except Student Musketeer).

?When will be the Bilateral Series is playing.

                The Bilateral Series is played during the Season Break. (Saturday <11-03-2017> to Saturday <18-03-2017>).

?What is the use of playing Bilateral Series.

                -You can make preparation for Next season.

                -You can earn Money.

                -Help to Complete Achievements. Etc.

?How can I earn Money from Bilateral Series.

                You can earn money through Setting Bounties.

?What kind of Pitch used to play Bilateral Series.

            There is no restriction to choose the pitch and also you can play each match in different pitches (Flat, Sporting, Crumbling, Green ).






Lord_Phoenix (Blazing Phoenix')

NB:  Bilateral Series opened for booking now. Check the Announcement in Post to know about new changes in Bilateral Series. 


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