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by ZebraNone (eLEMONators) 33 months ago
I have seen there are lots of managers who are coming up to the forums and on Facebook for Alliances.

There are many managers who yet to join any Alliances and founders to complete the slot.

So i think there must be a common forum for this particular thing where managers can put their request to join and founders can keep their requirements so that they can find the team what they want.

Those who want to join alliances consider the below mentioned alliance and join them!

Please go through this link to clear all your doubts.

Teams required for this alliance rank no 27 

Alliance link :-

Founder of this alliance



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Updated at: 15-05-2017

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Div IV
Hari Kumar (VK'S XI) Vijayawada # 8816
need active alliance
3 months ago
Div IV
Hari Kumar (VK'S XI) Vijayawada # 8817
All are welcome for VK WARRIORS alliance...
3 months ago
Rohiyz (Indian Sharks) Calcutta # 8818
Join this fantastic tournament for free and be a part of glory
3 months ago

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