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Puneet Rajhariya, manager of The Master Batters 2145

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Starvault, manager of Starvault Sliders

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"Great game which brings out the Managerial mode... An challenging game in the lines of FIFA manager! "

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"Very good Game for cricket lovers....."

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Jean Pierre JP, manager of ELECTRA XI

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WE COMPANY, manager of Anubhav XI

"Excellent feature set. Pretty detailed. :)"

Nisarg, manager of The Banaas

"Amazing Game, it feels realistic with the league system, competition and transfers."

Dravid Uchiha, manager of Winning 11 305408

"Hit wicket rocks!! I completely enjoy it !! "

Pranav Chaudhary, manager of PC XI Cricket Team

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Raja_Sarvepalli, manager of Raja Musketeers

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Harshit, manager of Hshah

"It has been an amazing experience with Hitwicket over the past 2 years. More than 2 years im playing, yet i havent lost interest at all. Keep up the good work guys, and continue to make the game better."

ManishG, manager of HELLBREAKERS XI

"Learning the new strategy and building up the team for real fights a head... "

kr15hn4, manager of DEXTER'S DARK DEFENDERS

"Hit Wicket is an interesting game for the armchair cricket fan"

Jejima, manager of Jejima

"Hit wicket is a good management game ..makes you think nd take decisions "

tarantula, manager of Shanmugamramnath XI

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Govind pathak, manager of Royal Indian Club

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"Awesome game to play and nice time pass..makes u think even to setup a line on a match"

Achyuth Reddy, manager of UNSTOPPABLES

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Richoos, manager of Chathans 11

"Great MANAGERIAL Cricket game....!!! Very Well developed and dynamic game.....plain awesome...!!!!!!!!!"

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