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714 reasons why you'll love Hitwicket!

"This is fantastic, the progress has been rapid. Hope to carry on with the momentum. "

Vimarsh Munsif, manager of Triumphants

"very good game.. thnx for my roomate to introduce me to it"

NiravS, manager of Renegaders

"It's been a great journey so far"

Akshay Sagar, manager of The Akshay XI CC

"At last i have found it, the perfect cricket manager game. Can't get better than this... Love the concept.. Awesome!!!!!!"

Ranajoy, manager of Kolkata XI Avengers

"It was awesome experience at hitwicket it teaches us game planning and management of a team "

Hussainaquib9, manager of Oceans XI

"Pretty solid all round features available in this game....and the visual tweaks are awesome"

Barney Ross, manager of TheExpendables

"well what can i say. it's fun being with you HW..."

Oggato Bogi, manager of Oggato Bivhishika

"Gr8 game guys I'm loving it go hit wicket you guys rock"

Sarfarazdamji, manager of CLC TIGERS

"Excellent portal. Great experience."

Rikshit, manager of Rikshit XI

"Thanx a lot hitwicket ! Just love the game "

DeepakSamnani, manager of D's Daringdevils

"Feeling nice to be a level up. Looking forward to improve and build a strong team. My love towards Hitwicket game continues. "

Shreeranga, manager of Killer Whales

"Amazing cricket game ever played "

Heril_Gangar, manager of HG ROYAL WARRIORS XI

"Hitwicket is really fantastic to play"

Rahul_20893, manager of Lion's Roar X1

"This is an amazing game I have ever played"

Tejvir Dhaliwal, manager of Lions XI Punjab Club

"a it is very good games....I am very lucky."

sanketBait, manager of sanket bait XI

"Thnks for gifting cricket lover with such a beautiful game..."

Mohammad Khatib, manager of Raza XI Cricket Team

"Awesome game i love it very much"

Sangeeth Raj, manager of Black Bads

"The game gets more and more interesting everyday. .. "

Afraz, manager of Colombo Warriors

"Thanks to lord almighty and my love n to my bro rahul who invited me here"

PraveenSVAyyar, manager of Salem Super Shiners

"greatest managerial game ever just love it"

Bharat Dagur, manager of Bhopali

"I hope matches are played more regularly"

lckyboy, manager of The Warangal Team

"Hey!!! Its a good experience with hitwicket since last 2 years"

Sagar Shah, manager of SAGAR'S SUNRISERS XI

"Thankuu for this wonderful game"

IMRAN KHAN, manager of MaNoFWaR

"This game is just awesome and devs are constantly making the game better .I started playing this game approx a year ago when my friend invited me."

Jatin JJ, manager of Einstein

"quite happy to became a remarkable manager in this game...very interesting and joyful game.keep working on it."

RB Ahmed, manager of RB HUNTERS