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931 reasons why you'll love Hitwicket!

"Enjoying it so far, different from other crockery games. "

Hamza, manager of MHMZ

"Awesome Game... The best thing I like is the way to choose the team according to the pitch type and opponent.."

Rachit Kulshreshtha, manager of Smokin' Acers

"It was a nice feeling to be part of such a nice game...Hats off to HIt Wicket Team and many many thanks for creating such games."

core89, manager of core89

"It's absolutely magnificent.... I just loved it.."

Fayaz Shah, manager of Freaky Fcukerz

"Awesome experience until yet because of it's new login "

ANISH SINHA, manager of The Unbreakable Warriors

"It's a very intelligent & cool player also depends on the team manager,when manager train different kind of training then you can output for players."

Tarique Yusuf, manager of Knight Rider Sports

"It been a new game and felt intresting in knowing the role of Cricket manager thorugh this game."

Tarun Mohan, manager of Chennai Super Kings 7679

"It's seems to be a good app to releize the actual pressure and the play of the cricket as a real developer."

esWAR kakani, manager of es'WAR' BULL'S

"This is really one of the best cricket manager game not boring spreadsheets like the other webpages"

Wynand Pieterse, manager of Wynand XI

"It's really a nice strategic game for those who worship cricket as god"

Ankit Randive, manager of Lion's Roar 1607

"Very nice game "

Mueez Arshad, manager of Sialkot Kings

"I never thought management could be this much enjoyment "

Vinoth Poomuthu, manager of Vorld XI

"feeling happy that my level is going up thanks to all the managers who have supported me. :)"

Avs Nithin, manager of Avs XI

"Superb cricket manager, its the best of what I have seen till now...."

Aravind, manager of Pride Fighters

"The game is really good to play... Some real time players can also be added :) "

Periyasamy N, manager of NIKEPHOROS XI

"its great for an amature......."

সাঈদ আনোয়ার, manager of SOHID the DEStroyer xi

"I am very glad to be a manager of this level."

Biswajit Das Bitu, manager of BISWA WOLVERINES XI

"Fantastic game with fantastic experience at all while playing... Loved it "

Ankitgargmrce, manager of Delhi Artists

"Super. Management. Game. With strategy "

Prince, manager of Prince Fighter

"its great to get this achievement. I am loving it "

Beast Unleashed, manager of Magnificent Mirpur

"I love this game. I likethe this kind of games"

Sanjaypatil, manager of Sanjaypatil Stunners

"I am leveled up . Addicted game"

Kamesh, manager of Ethu Enga Area

"This is so nice and very interestin g game "

Aamir nawaz, manager of Sarabah Stars

"Great game and loved play and manage my team "

Muneparthi eswararao, manager of Muneparthi Mudslaps

"it is an awesome game...through this u can lear the managerial skills and it will really help u in ur future if u want to make carrier in cricket "

Aditya jain, manager of super giants 4839