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931 reasons why you'll love Hitwicket!

"awesome game so far can't wait for more.."

Jason Knox, manager of Muffdivers

"Learning slowly but this game has many layers... You have to keep peeling through each layer and everytime you do so, You learn something new. Truly amazing."

S Wap Neil Dutta, manager of Smashing Superstars

"Gud game of cricket and play fair and win"

Sukhjinder Singh, manager of Sukhjinder XI

"Tests the Cricket management skill in you."

Bharath KS, manager of Team Pool

"Hurray.. Exemplary Manager.. Awasome game. Thanks Devs for such a wonderful game."

Kuttan Thampuran, manager of Kuttan Thampuran

"Great Game...Thanks HW for making it more excited..."

Prashanth Magicians, manager of Annoying Gang

"Excellent idea. Exactly what I wanted. A toast to all cricket fans around the world!!"

Swapnil Patil, manager of MUWCI XI

"i am being proud to be a reliable manager. its been my wish since i started this game. many plane and rough roads came, but i just walked away."

manager_483292, manager of on fire champions

"It is a great game I ever played"

Syedasgharabbasjafri, manager of Syedasgharabbasjafri Seals

"Fantastic... i just love it... "

mkvignesh, manager of DarkWeaver's XI

"Really very addictive and brilliantly designed Cricket Manager Game. "

Rohith Raju, manager of Dhoni Rohith's XI

"I am very happy that MY EFFORTS ARE NOT GOING WaSTE . thanks a lot hitwicket council for making me capable of this position. "

Bharath Santhoshkuma, manager of Bharath Tigers

"hawwww thats great oppourtunity thanks.."

C A Rastogi, manager of Yuvraj Heros

"The feeling of winning back to back matches is always amazing. We are in the next level now. Looking forward to win more matches. Thank you"

Anupam Nath, manager of RhinoAssamCeros

"A very exciting game that would make you addicted in no time. Features to woo you, and help always at hand to learn the game quickly."

SD, manager of AMAR TRIPURA

"Just enjoying Hitwicket in free time now a days"

Avinash, manager of Patel Panda's

"wow that is just awesome most amazing game ever"

Farhan Ali, manager of LOVE Xi

"All fine.. Enjoying being manager. Loved game."

Pratyush Kumar Singh, manager of Pratapgarh Super Kings

"Dream come true. Always wanted to mmanage a team of. My own"

Haseeb, manager of Islamabaad United

"this is a wonderful and amazing game, i am feeling happy while playing with best rival "

Black Wolf, manager of Malik Saab XI

"this is an exemplary feelings!!"

Gourab Chowdhury, manager of Bengal Crushers

"Hi! this game is nicest i love this game"

Jim Moriarty, manager of Jim XI

"Great game. Very detailed and involved "

Roley, manager of Rol's Renegades

"Its a nice game ! good time pass :) "

Dupen Babbar, manager of Dupen XI

"It is so good game...I love this"

Nawab_prantha, manager of TIGERS CRICKET CLUB