Online T20 Cricket Management Game | Hitwicket

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"its a good strategic mind game fr cricket lovers"

Azhar Ali, manager of Grim Reapers

"Nice concept but needs to be improved a bit "

Siddy, manager of Sid Sledgers 4536

"this is a nice experience with hitwicket game...."

Arjun Nag, manager of Danger zonee

"Interesting game..real players would make it unbelievable though"

Ujjwal, manager of Lions Den 4402

"Interesting game..real players would make it unbelievable though"

Ujjwal, manager of Lions Den 4402

"Vary technical game is,, love it vary much"

Lola Clark, manager of Khan XI 3736

"Really this is a no.1 cricket management game."

Sachetantalawar, manager of Star Smashers

"Good game to play in office hours :)"

Angu Chelvan, manager of Angu XI 9343

"Hitwicket is awsome amazing and spontainious "

Satvik, manager of Satviks Super Men

"That's the best game I've ever played."

Brian, manager of Rexers XI

"Really good experience playing this game.."

Jai Kumar, manager of Chennai Winning XI

"I really like playing this game"

Dan Dan, manager of Dan XI 9585

"Awesome Game, getting the hang of it with every match I play. It helps that i'm winning too. Good Game! Excellent!"

Savio Paes, manager of TheExtraaaMile

"Feels good to be Managing such a talented bunch of players!"

Sajjad Ahmed, manager of Akaneoga

"Heeling So happy.. Will continue doing my best. Thanks"

Alok Mahapatra, manager of Blue Ballers XI

"i am enjoying this game want to win more match"

Paresh Mhamunkar, manager of Paresh XI 358748

"This is great, that I've succeeded in becoming a reliable manager and this and I'm very delighted after this progress"

Majid Rana, manager of Pak FIre

"The best and Addictive game that I have ever played!!!!"

Shiva Nandha, manager of Shiva's best XI

"Thank You All! Just Keep Playing!"

Abhilash Gregory, manager of Travancore 11

"It is just awesome for cricket fan "

Bipulmgr, manager of SAMGR

"Excellent creative and different Something more than just a game"

Rekhiparesh, manager of Mumbai Cric Club

"One of the best games i have come across on Android platform. ."

Chierag, manager of Jersey No 18 XI

"its very interesting and i am loving it"

surya ks, manager of ChEnNaI SiXeR kInG

"good game , but not for people who don't put money"

Nethra Agrawal, manager of Nethra XI

"I am very happy and this game is really very good"

Akshay sehgal, manager of Invincible Warriors 3054