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915 reasons why you'll love Hitwicket!

"Its an awesome game. It gives me some new idea of cricket in a different dimension. It kinda helps me in ma Management studies too... Having lotta fun in HITWICKET me and ma friends... #rocking #superpasstime "

lordsonjacobnewton, manager of Rango

"Unbelievable game!!!! its like addiction after i started it. . . teaches a person complete managing skills and the unpredictable outcomes of the matches make us go tensed!!!! hope the real matches would have like these:):)"

Karthik Sharma, manager of Koole Kings

"Amazing Amazing Game.. Great Job Guys. I am hooked to it, planning my strategies and all.. This is addictive stuff at its best.. Just Love it."

Puneet Dudeja, manager of Dudeja XI

"I like this game. this provokes me to think and that is the best part of it"

Krishnakumar Nair, manager of LIONS of KERALA

"i love this game ... especially when my batsmen are playing... mainly my little beast FARADUR SALAHUDDIN... with an avg of 279... he is making my time on hitwicket... thanks hitwic..."

Phani Madhav, manager of WIZARDS XI

"the game is damn words in tat.....i love cricket i love tis game......addictd a lot"

Satish Angadi, manager of DHONI Boys

"Really awesome work done by you.... all are enjoying this game .... thank you :)"

K_SudhakarKrishna, manager of KRISH X1

"I feel wonderful being a part of this game, u people have been doing a great job, keep up the good work at the same as the expectation levels have now started increasing to higher levels u need to stand by it, anyway that doesn't take away the glory n commendable job u guys have done..congrats on the success and all the best!!"

Niketh, manager of EXTRA TERRESTRIALS

"i really liked this game..i am addicted to the forum also with active participation.."

Sunil Sahoo, manager of Kalinga Rangers

"Like the game?..... no actually i don't ....... i just love it :P ..... with time this game is becoming more and more interesting..... i don't remember a single day in last two months on which i haven't logged in to Hitwicket.... Great work GUYS!!!!!!!!"

Akshat Sharma, manager of akshat royals

"Just Love It.....Its been a nice journey so far...I am so much fond of it, that when i open my office desktop first i login Hitwicket, then Outlook...:) such an impact this game has made...Kudos to developer...:)"

Yathartha Mishra, manager of Chora Ganga kinare Vala

"I really love the game! I login every day! The best part about this game is the involvement of devs! Any query posted in the forum is readily addressed by them making the forum a very healthy place for discussion!! Also, the fact that you are playing against another human who might strategize similar to you makes it even more interesting!! Kudos to the devs!! Awesome game made!"

Joydeep Nandi, manager of Devils United

"Test for Skills ... Test for Strategies ... Test for People Management ... Test for Financial Management.... Kudos to the entire team :) :) :)"

HashiramaSenju, manager of Akatsuki'

"thanks to developers for introducing us to this wonderful game. there is noday we can live without loggin to hitwicket and it still allow us to keep that passion alive in us that we had as a child when we played cricket in summer at 45 degree celsius or in freezing winters. "

Jayendra Singh, manager of Lycans

"Its an awesome game. I am getting addicted to it. I can see the bright future of this game. Fantastic work!"

Haamid, manager of Blue Wingers