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"I simply in love with this game and will continue to play it with full devotion."

Siddharth Shrotriya, manager of Insane Heroes

"The game is so absorbing... It tests the true managerial skills of a person and the best among us rise to the top..."

Maximus, manager of The Gladiators

"Its a superb website of cricket managering ever I saw. Really getting addicted to it."

SirAtanu Banerjee, manager of KOLKATA HEROS

"Loved this game... Cant think of a day where i dont see my HW account.. These days HW is the first tab i open when i open my browser.. Thank u Hit wicket.. "

Harish Padarthi, manager of Wave Riderzzzz

"I juz love this game :)"

Srinivas Badnur, manager of MIGHTY NIGHT FURY

"Awesome game.. Very Addictive as well :D"

Legend Killer, manager of Illusionous Typhoons

"Awesome management game.. Great learning experience for budding entrepreneurs and cric-maniacs :)"

Harish Gopal, manager of Marauding Brawnies

"what a game..!!"

Piyush Mathur, manager of Super Star XI

"like ? i love this game ! its just awesome !!! "

Abdul Muqeeth, manager of STEYN GUN

"i really get addicted to the game its really good"

Sai Lalith, manager of mad thrashers

"Hitwicket has became my daily routine...I am habituated to it..."

Dinesh PRB, manager of coastal cheethas

"Hitwicket has meant so much to me........that i'm opening Facebook after Opening Hitwicket ----True addict of HITWICKET :)"

Aswani Dutt, manager of ASH ASTRAS

"Really the best game...haven't played a better game than this!"

Utkarsh Rampal, manager of North End Tigers

"I really like this game because of its fluid interface and ease of playing and managing the team as per your schedule."

The_Nationalist, manager of Delhi Marshals

"I still find each day too short for all the thoughts I want to think, all the walks I want to take, all the books I want to read, and all the friends I want to see. The longer I live, the more my mind dwells upon the beauty and the wonder of the Hit Wicket !!!"

HashiramaSenju, manager of Akatsuki'

"The game is a challenge to all those who have talking about team management and captaincy and criticizing players. It stares at you in the face and says “Oh yeah…! You think you can manage a team… Well, try me…!”. And every time you think it is easy, it whacks you on the head and says, "Cool down hero... There is still a long way to go...!" That is what I love about the game…! "

Maximus, manager of The Gladiators

"Just loving this product more each day.. !!! You guys have much better thought processors than me.. Kudos!!!"

SaurabhB, manager of The Centurions

"this game is the best...really love it.... best game i ever played :)"

SaTyAm_ChodanKar, manager of Dhoni's Pirate MOJO

"addicted to this game totally....24 hours think about playing hitwicket but not possible lol and yes i love this game"

Modi Bhakt, manager of Scorpion Stingers

"Love the game and to manage a cricket team is no small feat but i am doing it with hhelp of hitwicket.just love it."

Agent Smith, manager of Neo The Nemesis

"good work superb algorithm.. you made us happy.. thanks"

Gajendra, manager of Yuvi Sixers

"Simply awesome and shockingly adaptable to various complex situations n the world of cricket. Hats off to the team of Hitwicket."

Siddharth Shrotriya, manager of Insane Heroes

"Awesome Game ! Absolutely Loving it. Addictive like FB. Good work Admins !"

Blaine, manager of WestSide Squadron

"The love for this game just keeps increasing... Amazing stuff you guys do to develop it constantly... Keep the good work going guys... Cheers...!"

Maximus, manager of The Gladiators

"excellent game on fb so far a visible feast for cricket lovers! "

Dinesh PRB, manager of coastal cheethas