Online T20 Cricket Management Game | Hitwicket

963 reasons why you'll love Hitwicket!

"One of the best management games I have ever played...."

Dushyant Sirohi, manager of Dushy Eleven

"I thought it would be too boring and then I realised how to mange things very differently so that we can improve my team and become one of the top managers. Its a fantastic game!"

Hemanth Koganti, manager of INDIATHEVIRAT

"The game is seriously addictive..."

THOR, manager of THOR XI

"Did not know I would carry on for so long.. been a year now and still going strong with my addiction to this game.. Cheers..!!"

SaurabhB, manager of The Centurions

"Hitwicket is a fantastic game for cricket lovers. I love this game!"

Lokesh Loki, manager of LOKIE BOYS

"I have become a die-hard fan of HitWicket. My day never ends without HitWicket. Way to go. :)"

BaLGaTeS, manager of BaNGaLoRe UniTeD

"The game is simply amazing . Cant express it in words"

MOURYA, manager of Magnanimous

"Great game has addictive factor in it..awesome.."

Murali_Iyer, manager of ManUtd 11

"Its simply an awesome game.. mind blowing management experience!"

Kalai Arasan, manager of I'm Nt Bad Jst Evil

"I have never enjoyed any other game much than "Hitwicket". Its a part of me now. Its like a place of friends where everyone enjoys a lot. "

Jayanta_BigBash, manager of Star Avenger XI

"I'm completely crazy for this game.."

Antony Franco, manager of AF 2013Battalion

"Amazing game...never came across such a game in my life time.....more than just a game, it also improves some qualities as a person too.....I just love it..."

HaFiZ, manager of The BlacK FlaGs

"I Love Playing This Game !!! DEVS Keep this good work going"

balachandarsv, manager of Mersels

"Fantastic game..!!! No words to justify....I hope it goes the same way..!!"

Ashwin Mohanty, manager of Deadly Mavericks

"A wonderful place for cricket-lovers like us. Lucky to be here. Grateful to the ones who made it. I am addicted to Hitwicket."

Saroar Remian, manager of Bangladesh Demons

"Its awesome how it emulates the real life challenges of a manager.. Training the players.. Recruiting new ones.. Keeping a track of their fitness.. Just amazing.. "

Insane_Champ, manager of Insane Demons

"It's been only a few months but HW has become such a valuable part fo my life. Wonderful to be part of this community and I hope it develops into the next big thing :) "

Joseph Kumar, manager of Chennai Crusaders

"I really love this game, getting more and more interesting as i grow in it"

Christopher Ruben, manager of Christo Gang

"Hats off to the efforts of the developers. The game is really very interesting. Thanks for such a wonderful game."

Dushyant Sirohi, manager of Dushy Eleven

"Very interesting game with a lot of options in gameplay ! Am still new at it but find it fascinating :) "

Cyrus Naterwalla, manager of Cyro XI

"Fantastic game I have ever played. I love it very much. It is full of entertainment and more addictive than facebook... It improved my managing skills and accounting skills too.. :) I'll be in this game forever..... (y) Thanks to the developers for making the game like this...!!!!"

Amit Jangid, manager of Professional Killers

"Have been really hooked onto this game... Interesting and very fascinating ;)"

Raghu Talwai, manager of Raghya11

""Undoubtedly the best cricket game ever!...unlike others it provides you with a team, a manager and all those options which make u fel like the owner of a real franchise...a treat for cricket fans \m/""

LoKyy, manager of JadDuUGaArR XI

"Actually its quite difficult for me to express my feelings & thoughts about hitwicket, it has become an integral part of my life it tests ur managerial and thinking skills to top level."


"i enjoy playing this game.. i feel the tension and strategic situations of a real cricket match. Great work team Expecting more support options in the game..."

Christopher Ruben, manager of Christo Gang