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"Awesome Feeling....I love the game and I can't keep off the hitwicket page even for one day..."

Arshath A Rahim, manager of SACOGOD25

"It is a very good strategy game. I'm lovin it. Each match is very interesting and nail biting which increases the Adrenalin flow :D "

Lakshmi Narayanan, manager of Sumar Moonji Boys

"I joined this game on 14th February i.e. valentine's day and my love for it has grown ever since. Developers, "I SALUTE YOU" ;)"

MrinalGarg, manager of Poha Lovers

"This game is awesome. It makes me understand the game more than just watching real cricket on the ground."

Paren Borhara, manager of The Scorpions

"Awesome game love every thing about it ...."

Prateek Narang, manager of Victory Snacther X1

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Chinthu Jose, manager of The Inceptionists

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Ayush Venugopal, manager of Golden Backs

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Sudipto, manager of CRUSHERS

"The fear of a day without Hitwicket worries me the most. In last 73 days, I didn't miss logging in for even one day. Hope we will always have this super awesome game. Hope Hitwicket will never ever go extinct, it should only go Biggggg !"

Saroar Remian, manager of Bangladesh Demons

"it helps me to relax my mind and also improve few cricket tactics"

Deepak Chevalier, manager of Chennai Chevaliers

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Baahubali, manager of Autobot's

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Bharath Thyagarajan, manager of Stunning Hurricanes

"i like this game, its a mind game"

ManishGupta, manager of businessmanish

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Arnab Paul, manager of Arnab Warriors

"This is an awesome game, strategy lovers will surely love this game ! :)"

Balaji Venkatesan, manager of Raajadhi Raajan

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Arjun Srinivasaiah, manager of BLACK HAWKS

"One of thd best game I came across"

Sunil Sahoo, manager of Kalinga Rangers

"This game has become a very part of my usual day to day life. Love the way the game is improving."

NazeerAhamed, manager of Chennai CityGangster

"hit wicket is simply awesome and addictive."

Sivakumar Kuppusamy, manager of HELLBOY

"Playing it since August...totally addicted to it :-)"

Kushal Modi, manager of Technocrat

"I love this game, it is so interesting that I scheduled my time based on the match scheduled. "

mohith753, manager of South Strikers

"One of the best management games I have ever played...."

Dushyant Sirohi, manager of Dushy Eleven

"I thought it would be too boring and then I realised how to mange things very differently so that we can improve my team and become one of the top managers. Its a fantastic game!"

Hemanth Koganti, manager of INDIATHEVIRAT

"The game is seriously addictive..."

THOR, manager of THOR XI