Online T20 Cricket Management Game | Hitwicket

839 reasons why you'll love Hitwicket!

"this is a fantastic game! it keeps me waiting from monday till sat morning! simply amazing and addictive!!"

NOTORIAN, manager of The HellBreakers

"I really like this game! Its really gives me a place where i can spend time to improve my management skills which is required in my professional life."

The_Nationalist, manager of Delhi Marshals

"WOW!!! this game is awesome and more interesting than IPL and I am enjoying every thing in this game :)"

Arjun Srinivasaiah, manager of BLACK HAWKS

"Hell yeah ... the best game in the world...."

Dev KURAMA Mendi, manager of Jinchuriki X1

"Wonderful balance between Real Cricket and Online Gameplay... Truly absorbing game... Love it.."

Maximus, manager of The Gladiators

"the game is fully entertaining....and best strategy based game..."

Aashish, manager of THE AVENGERS

"Awsume game. There are so much to do in this game that no one can even get bore. Hats off to developers!"

Ashank, manager of Dominators

"HITWICKET the game when i started i didnt showed any interest in it. but now i am not even seeing IPL this u can know how am i addicted to this hitwicket.. all the best to hitwicket team and i hope u will implement a lot of new things in this game"

Sai Charan, manager of cherry warriors

"Its fun. Its addictive. Its enjoyable. Great work by Team Hitwicket. Must try game.!!"

HindiMoguls, manager of Hindi Moguls

"it's a fantastic game every one have to play this"

Rakesh Kumar, manager of Unbeatable Warriors

"Wow.. this is an awesome game...! It is not only the game, it improves planning and managing skills as well :)"

Balaji Venkatesan, manager of Raajadhi Raajan

"I never thought i for what i am wud get addicted to managerial games!! love wid it from the last 1 month..:-)"

Siva Harish, manager of siva1111

"Absolutely absorbing game. Great innovation. Though could be more effective and efficient. RESPECT for the developers.....HATS OFF :-) "

Mudit Bedi, manager of Heaven Eleven

"This game is really addictive....i just love this game...and it makes me feel like a t20 franchise owner... Thanku for creating such a nice n faboulous game...:-)"

Partho Das, manager of The Aaryans

"Word Will Fall Short For Praise OF this Game. This Game Shows the power of creativity And Ideas Kudos To Developers. "

Agent Smith, manager of Neo The Nemesis

"i just love this game and home 2 c many more good changes and challenging matches in the future."

Aamir Mukadam, manager of Challengers 11

"Love the game, it interests me a lot and i love the logic used in the game. In addition i like the way you guys have created a very understandable interface for the users."

Shishir, manager of Infamous

"I am really addicted to dis game now.. really feel like being an owner of a wonderful team.. really proud of my players and there performance.. and hats off to the people who came up with the concept of this game.. kudos.... cheerss :)"

Unstoppable, manager of THE INVINCIBLEZ

"one the best games ever i played. loved it. really fantastic game, helps in many ways like managing skills...!"

Bharath Reddy, manager of REDdy RANGERS

"Patience and strategy is certainly the virtue of this game... One of the best online team management games.. (its not a game but dunno what to term it..) "

SaurabhB, manager of The Centurions

"This is absolutely a brilliant game. I am sure any one playing this will become a real addict of this game, And also this game is really realistic & practical."

PC, manager of Xtreme Braves

"This is an amazing platform for people to enjoy cricket and understand what goes on behind the functioning of a cricket team"

Sridhar Rao, manager of The Lie Lamas

"Great Game and a brilliant concept. Full time pass."

Nikhil Gambhir, manager of Dilli De Sher

"Just love the game, far better than playing an online game of cricket with 12 shots or so, is managing your home team. The best part is to see people talk that seriously at times in the forum. Love it...:)"

Nikunj Bhalla, manager of Insane Experts

"strategies..mind games..thats what I love about this game!!"

Rajat Singhal, manager of Young Rajputana