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"This game is a part of my daily life now,I make up time for this game whenever posible "

Vishal_Mallarapu, manager of VM Hawks '''

"It makes me feel like I own a Cricket Team.... Addicted to HitWicket"

Uday Phanindra, manager of Playing It My Way

"One of the best online strategy game with easy feasibility and accessibility. It really takes time to know about the strategy to know win and not to know about the game and controls,Hitwicket has that advantage.."

Ra's al Ghul, manager of The Berserks

"This game is just awesome. I really njoi while playing it."

Ishan Bakshi, manager of Perfect Strangers

"Really experiencing a very good management portfolio. "

Dushyant Sirohi, manager of Dushy Eleven

"Hitwicket is a platform where a child /a youngstar can learn how to manage a team or how to use bowlers for 20 overs so i am very glad to have a hit wicket team "

Bharat Poudel, manager of bp cricketers

"Simply the Best game...Cant think of a day without Hitwicket..Its just not a game...Its a Cricket MBA"

Karthik, manager of Rasipuram Rebels

"heyy guyss......a very nicce and addictive it lotssss "

Richard_Castle, manager of The Mighty Machanz

"I just love this game! Since the very day I joined it, it has become an addiction for me. There hasn't been a day that I haven't logged into HITWICKET. I like the way we are awarded with manager reputation points and promoted to a higher division. It surely does help in having a good managerial experience..Thank you HITWICKET."

Sarthak Dash, manager of Shadow Storm

"Its awesome game. ..... Finally I am going to play any game more than one month ..... :)"

Kaushik, manager of TEAM YOUNGISTAN

"Hitwicket can be played alongside with your studies and thats the best thing about it!"

Eshaan, manager of Knights of Pune

"this game is really helping me out to relieve my stress....thanks hitwicket...luv it"

Akshay, manager of AD Rangers

"I love it ...... Just love it ....... In the beginning i didn't get any clue about this game. I was playing blindly but soon i realize that i m doing mistakes. Now I can't say that i m perfect but yes i m learning this game quickly .......... Sandy"

Sandy Arya, manager of MAAYA XI

"Supera.. enjoy this journey like anything.. superb effect from hitwicket team.. hats off to them.."

vasudev, manager of Double Thunders

"Amazing Game. Something Real & Something Seriuos. Great Work Champs. Bingo"

Mikesh Parmar, manager of SuperComBo

"This strategic game is something awesome.. No one can deny this fact... This will surely help on the betterment of our managerial skills as well."

Balaji Venkatesan, manager of Raajadhi Raajan

"No doubt its an awesome game and outstanding effort by all the admi in developing such a game online..."

Furious Beast, manager of Furious Beast

"Scintillating game i seriously like this game"

Vishal_Mallarapu, manager of VM Hawks '''

"I dont like hitwicket !!!..... BUT I LOVE IT !!! :D :D :D nowadays its not fb or tweets .... its hitwicket for me .... !!! :D"

Sanjay S. Prakash, manager of Ironic Invincibles

"Hitwicket as the goes, is a very fun and entertaining online game ever yet. People love to join the game and they play it with more enthusiasm. The matches when we play with our friends changes the whole atmosphere and the feeling of reality starts to come. Thank you !!"

Kirti Jenamoni, manager of KHilaDi007

"it's an AWESOME game!!! I have been playing this game since APR 2013...& i'm still ADDICTED to it "

Karan Sahai, manager of Mysterious Knights

"HITWICKET is a unique and different game of cricket and its very interesting and enjoyable.."

Syed Fahim, manager of FAHIM SMART 11

"Everyday the addiction for the game just increases. HitWicket has just became a part of my life. By now, I am an integral part of the game as well"

smondal, manager of Calcutta Warriors

"Its been almost 8 months since i joined and I've never played a game this long. Mondays and Saturdays were never this interesting...expecting a lot more from this game..keep growing Hitwicket."

Lalith Ganesh, manager of Wayne 11

"I love it....developers are doing good of luck to them for improving.... :)"

Deßàßrǎtá Røy, manager of The PegaTronics