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960 reasons why you'll love Hitwicket!

"A lovely game are more important lovely people here! "

Jayant, manager of Hattari

"I am very happy to reach as reliable manager. I firstly thanks my friend mr. ehtesham kittur who endorsed his 31 reputation points to me. This hitwicket cricket game is an excellent game to own a team like we does in a dream. Thankyou one and all."

AltafHussainManiyar, manager of SOULCALIBUR HUNTERS

"The only game which makes me remeber the days of the week properly... Thanks a lot !!!"

Admiral Aladeen, manager of HeliOs

"This game of hitwicket is very interesting. I love this game. This game gives you the feeling that you are actually managing the real cricket team. Introduction of wide ball is the new charm in this game. No ball should also be introduced. There should be more games per week. I will keep playing this game till it exist"

Ankit Goel, manager of goel's XI

"One of the best cricket games I have ever played . Makes you feel like playing a real game. Superb commentary, updates and more. I feel once you play it, you won't leave it ."

Leonce, manager of Leonce

"Love this game... I have been hooked onto it since the past 2 months... cant stop playing it :)"

Psycho_Bidder, manager of BLTA

"I cant express my happiness in words... i was waiting for this time from many days ,,, now finally it is happened .."

Outback_Legend, manager of Outback Legend

"love the game, as it provides me an opportunity to analyse things which i love doing and of course it keeps all excitement alive throughout and the play animates me along with my players"

Saurav Pandey, manager of ANG MYRMIDONS

"It is really challenging and thrilling"

Mani Janar, manager of rAciNg dNa UnLeAsHeD

"its an awesomely planned and presented game for a cricket maniac...high fives for the ones braught to us...(y)"

Jambagi_iranna, manager of jambagi XI

"Hitwicket is awesome. Commentry is very nice. The format of this game is wonderful"

Vishakar1, manager of Vishal K XI

"I like this game & almost visiting regularly..."

Vicky_Khaiwal, manager of Jaat Aryan'Z

"The game is very much interesting and challenging as well. I have been playing the game for more than one year but it has not yet lost its charm. Its unique feature of training makes it more interesting. Although I have been promoted as Prodigious Manager, I am still learning it and hope to enjoy it in future too!"

Hedonyx, manager of Calcutta Cobras

"i loved it....the game attract me most...the management of my team...what should be the next starting 11? can i improve young players....its really can really learn something from this teaches u how to manage..."

HitmanRoHIT, manager of Mumbaikars 11

"Good work guys... With all those regular improvements, this game serves the purpose of chilling you out after a long days work.... :)"

Vinay Nair, manager of Team Tornado XI

"itz realy a great game and addictive"

Abhinand K L, manager of GamesTers UnTamed

"Awesome Game..!! Totally Addicted to this from past 1 year :)"

The Champ Boy, manager of DashersXI

"If I can then I would like it to be less exciting because I am addicted to it and can't think of anything else..I love this game..:)"

Sarthak Dash, manager of Shadow Storm

"This is a game solely made to entertain cricket lovers.The best strategic game I have ever played. "

The_Dictator, manager of Fatal Eagles

"Excellent times pass and i feeling i am the owner of a team "

Praveen Kumar JM, manager of Madurai Axes

"i jut love it, hope to see game getting more lively"

Prashant Gupta, manager of Great Gladiators

"Best of best.... Really lovng and feeling awesome "

Mr_AdenKingsly, manager of AK 47

"Most addictive strategy game. I love the way it demand lot of smart efforts. Managing most systematic way."

Raviraj Phutane, manager of Roaring Rangers

"Best multiplayer cricket game... Very addictive"

Mandeep_Singh, manager of Catalunya

"I love Hitwicket and I try to login everyday. This is the best cricket simulation out there!"

Piraveenth Srekanthe, manager of Canadian Cricketers