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776 reasons why you'll love Hitwicket!

"thats great :) u20 is nw a dream :) hope i hit it one day..and devs keep going :) one day yu people are gonna be world wide known :)"


"It's very nice to play this game,it gives you a real grip of managing a team and club "

Yashwanth, manager of Foxes

"I am very happy to watch that I have been promoted"

Gharatathu, manager of Mumbai Indians 344705

"Hitwicket Journey is getting more interesting. Best thing is you will not be bored or kind of useto to game because there are live players playing this game against you. Its always challenging and exiting. Level doesnt give you strength here like other you have to make your team strong and countable for challenge no matter on what level you are. "

Lord_BlackMamba, manager of Victorious Secret's XI

"An amazing cricketing game for all cricket enthusiasts "

minykid, manager of The Demolition Team

"Awesome game. Gives a good feel."

Rama Krishnan, manager of The White Fang

"Its something to be engaged for long"

Aravind C Pradeep, manager of CHENNAITE CAPTAIN

"Its a game which owe 's me many things ,and i always feel blased to be a part of this game"

AB, manager of Rajasthan Royala

"got lot of fun and experienced the thrill of game"

Muhammad Ali Memon, manager of Larkana fighters

"At first I thought this game was pay to win but my friend helped me get settled in and it is super addicting!"

Izhan Khan, manager of Izhan XI

"Super game... Addicted to this "

Sai Karthik Vinnakot, manager of Munna Warriors

"It's Happy to be a reliable manager for my team and I'll work hard to make my team better and better."

Siva10, manager of Into The Spot Light

"Awesome game best management game ever"

Nimoooo, manager of Nimo Warriors

"Very nice game and like it very much"

Karthi, manager of Blasting heros

"Nice concept but needs to be improved a bit "

Siddy, manager of Sid Sledgers 4536

"Really this is a no.1 cricket management game."

Sachetantalawar, manager of Star Smashers

"Hitwicket is awsome amazing and spontainious "

Satvik, manager of Satviks Super Men

"That's the best game I've ever played."

Brian, manager of Rexers XI

"Really good experience playing this game.."

Jai Kumar, manager of Chennai Winning XI

"Awesome Game, getting the hang of it with every match I play. It helps that i'm winning too. Good Game! Excellent!"

Savio Paes, manager of TheExtraaaMile

"Heeling So happy.. Will continue doing my best. Thanks"

Alok Mahapatra, manager of Blue Ballers XI

"i am enjoying this game want to win more match"

Paresh Mhamunkar, manager of Paresh XI 358748

"This is great, that I've succeeded in becoming a reliable manager and this and I'm very delighted after this progress"

Majid Rana, manager of Pak FIre

"The best and Addictive game that I have ever played!!!!"

Shiva Nandha, manager of Shiva's best XI

"Thank You All! Just Keep Playing!"

Abhilash Gregory, manager of Travancore 11