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"love it and hope to play it for ages"

Lucid_Tentacles, manager of Tonka Tykes

""Undoubtedly the best cricket game ever!...unlike others it provides you with a team, a manager and all those options which make u fel like the owner of a real franchise...a treat for cricket fan"

Ur Jay, manager of Cricket Pirates

"Loved the game. Best Experiance a cricket manager can get. Excellent.. ROCK ON GUYS"

Srinivassan Rajan, manager of Chennai Stars XI

"Hitwicket is a fantastic game. Its the only T20 game I like because its specially designed for this shorter format. Features are also terrific and overall feel of the game is very attractive. You will really get addicted to it!"

Jeetesh Sankholkar, manager of Royal Sanks

"One of the things I really like about the game is its pace. It gives you the time to observe and do things at your own will without any rush."

Prishur, manager of The Golden Company

"Awesome...!! Good Game management...!!"

Bragath, manager of RC Strikers

"Fabulous Game. Sometimes Chess seems to be easier than the match engine but I just love every bit of it."

Nabeen Khandeep, manager of Proterozic

"Started as a time pass,but now this got a time in my daily schedule. Awesome planning.Wonderful piece of work is done here."

Somu231, manager of Magnetic Magicians

"This is a fantastic! Game of real time simulation on multi player platform. Couldn't sleep. Takes most of my time and thinking. Kudos to the brains behind Hit wicket."

Tony_Gru, manager of GLADKINGS

"This is the best manager game that I have played yet. Really love it!!"

Binu Sasidharan, manager of Royal India XI

"Its so addictive that sometimes When I Have to study for my upcoming exams I take a break by just viewing my players and feeling happy about it. Nice work Devs Keep Going ~"

Cole McGrath, manager of Conduits

"Hitwicket is a lovely cricket management game. It is very addictive in nature as the glorious uncertainty involved with cricket is judiciously mixed with calculated advantages of strategy making. I hope I'll advance more in manager ladder in the coming days! "

Hedonyx, manager of Calcutta Cobras

"It is a awesome online game....I suggest this game to all my friends."

Nantha Kumar, manager of ULTIMATE SOLDIERS

"So Nice be frank i am addicted to this... i am logging it to daily to view this game....good work hitwicket team. it will help us to improve our knowledge about cricket...."

the_genius, manager of KUDLA KNIGHTS

"Awesome way to spend time everyday. Every cricket fan should try it at least once. The awesome feeling of owning a team is unparalleled. "

V, manager of We Are Anonymous

"Lovely Game....Absolutely brilliant....Thanks for making such a wonderful game.. :)"

Prithvi_19, manager of Bizarre Boogeymen

"Cant leave or ignore the hitwicket if u love the cricket and understand the game."

Insane_Blazers, manager of Insane Army007

"This is really awesome team management game to test if you are up to the skills and cricketing brains!!"

Viral Vaidya, manager of alphaQ

"Absolutely fabulous game..truly addictive"

Sridhar Rao, manager of The Lie Lamas

"Best Online Cricket Mangement Game in the World. Thanks for making such a wonderfull game, respect from Pakistan."

Saad Rizwan, manager of Rawalpindi Rams

"I had started playing this game just this month and let me tell you this is the best thing I did."

Abhijeet K, manager of No Parking

"Everything in this game is perfect. The Schedule, rules, features, its potential to entertain!"

Tanmay Gamit, manager of SH PACERS

"this game make me to think very high lvl and now a days i have dream about it"

RaViKiRaN BiLeBhAvI, manager of Mr NICEGUY

"Fantastic game...... Enjoying it...."

Shiva Karthik, manager of ShivaXI

"yea, simply love it.. the best online management game!!"

Sayak, manager of Cavaliers