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651 reasons why you'll love Hitwicket!

"i jut love it, hope to see game getting more lively"

Prashant Gupta, manager of Great Gladiators

"Best of best.... Really lovng and feeling awesome "

Mr_AdenKingsly, manager of AK 47

"Most addictive strategy game. I love the way it demand lot of smart efforts. Managing most systematic way."

Raviraj Phutane, manager of Roaring Rangers

"I love Hitwicket and I try to login everyday. This is the best cricket simulation out there!"

Piraveenth Srekanthe, manager of Canadian Cricketers

"this is the first time i got a lot of interest to play an online game.i got so interested that i login everyday.especially , i like the design of game and website."

RohithKumar Kesa, manager of inazuma rohith

"i sincerely like this game man this the only game that held my attention even after my losses. this is what a game needs to succeed"

Saradhi, manager of Lightning Lynx

"I really appreciate the effort u ppl have put down to make this such a great game.. I love this game :) :)"

Vaibhav Bhandari, manager of Athillo

"This game is like drug u have to see and check in every 15 mins "

Prateek Narang, manager of Victory Snacther X1

"A beautiful game where once you start playing it... you can't stop thinking about it ...!! :D "

Humpty dumpty, manager of Hallian Boonza

"After a longtime playing a good online cricket game"

itachi13, manager of Test Cricketers

"yeah its the has been about 1 year...m addicted to it....coz of it m not able to give tym to ma gf...and m happy about it....haha"

Luke_anish, manager of United All Stars

"I am totally addicted to the game"

Chetan Kulkarni, manager of Karnataka Knockers

"waw really awesome...super game,really enjoying my vacation with this game,,thanku"

Ringhu_Johny, manager of Go Green

"Best Online game I have ever played"

Abhijit Das, manager of ABHIWIN

"one of the most exciting and very thoughtful online game.....which improves your managemaent skills... n make u respond to situations"

SRKeerth, manager of Andhra Dynamos

"Its like living in illustrated world. Which is too awsome. "

NV Je, manager of Black Leopards

"Playing this game near about 2yer & that is enough to say how much addicted tot his game !"

Abhik_Chatterjee, manager of Royal Bengal Tigers

"It's Really a perfect entertainment and even i could learn a lot from this game . i just love it...... "

Chelikani Satya, manager of Satya X1

"This is an amazing game.... It improves ones managerial skills and gives the real life feel of a cricket manager"


"I don't have words for this game, this is not fair yaar, its such a game that I stick to it whole day and night, and if this goes on lik this I ll fail.. :D.. m just loving it .. ;)"

ARJUN GK, manager of Victory Raiders 11

"This game is a part of my daily life now,I make up time for this game whenever posible "

Visky Mallarapu, manager of VM Hawks '''

"It makes me feel like I own a Cricket Team.... Addicted to HitWicket"

Uday Phanindra, manager of Playing It My Way

"One of the best online strategy game with easy feasibility and accessibility. It really takes time to know about the strategy to know win and not to know about the game and controls,Hitwicket has that advantage.."

Ra's al Ghul, manager of The Berserks

"This game is just awesome. I really njoi while playing it."

Ishan Bakshi, manager of Perfect Strangers

"Simply the Best game...Cant think of a day without Hitwicket..Its just not a game...Its a Cricket MBA"

Karthik, manager of Rasipuram Rebels