Online T20 Cricket Management Game | Hitwicket

584 reasons why you'll love Hitwicket!

"love the game :) learning management skills every day throughout this game :) "

Rahul Guru, manager of T20Leaders

"This game is awesome , fab and involves breath - taking matches . I love this game"

Vaibhav Chauhan, manager of Vaibhav's Assassins

"hit wicket is simply awesome and addictive."

Sivakumar Kuppusamy, manager of THE HERCULIANS

"I love this game, it is so interesting that I scheduled my time based on the match scheduled. "

mohith753, manager of South Strikers

"I thought it would be too boring and then I realised how to mange things very differently so that we can improve my team and become one of the top managers. Its a fantastic game!"

Hemanth Koganti, manager of INDIATHEVIRAT

"best strategic management game...:)"

Umang Shah, manager of Vaishum 11

"LOVE this game man.AWESOME game and I like it more than "FB"."

Virat_Kohli18Fan, manager of The Supernovas

"The game is seriously addictive..."

THOR, manager of THOR XI

"Did not know I would carry on for so long.. been a year now and still going strong with my addiction to this game.. Cheers..!!"

SaurabhB, manager of The Centurions

"I have become a die-hard fan of HitWicket. My day never ends without HitWicket. Way to go. :)"

BaLGaTeS, manager of BaNGaLoRe UniTeD

"The game is simply amazing . Cant express it in words"

MOURYA, manager of Magnanimous

"I have never enjoyed any other game much than "Hitwicket". Its a part of me now. Its like a place of friends where everyone enjoys a lot. "

Jayanta_BigBash, manager of Star Avenger XI

"I'm completely crazy for this game.."

Antony Franco, manager of AF 2013Battalion

"Amazing game...never came across such a game in my life time.....more than just a game, it also improves some qualities as a person too.....I just love it..."

HaFiZ, manager of The BlacK FlaGs

"Fantastic game..!!! No words to justify....I hope it goes the same way..!!"

Ashwin Mohanty, manager of Deadly Mavericks

"A wonderful place for cricket-lovers like us. Lucky to be here. Grateful to the ones who made it. I am addicted to Hitwicket."

Saroar Remian, manager of Bangladesh Demons

"Its awesome how it emulates the real life challenges of a manager.. Training the players.. Recruiting new ones.. Keeping a track of their fitness.. Just amazing.. "

Lucif3r, manager of Insane Demons

"Awesomeness is an understatement when it comes to HW. The wonderful interface and the tough competitions are an incentive to visit everyday. Good Job."

Hari Sankar, manager of Indianation

"I really love this game, getting more and more interesting as i grow in it"

Christopher Ruben, manager of Christo Gang

"Very interesting game with a lot of options in gameplay ! Am still new at it but find it fascinating :) "

Cyrus Naterwalla, manager of Cyro XI

"Fantastic game I have ever played. I love it very much. It is full of entertainment and more addictive than facebook... It improved my managing skills and accounting skills too.. :) I'll be in this game forever..... (y) Thanks to the developers for making the game like this...!!!!"

Amit Jangid, manager of Professional Killers

"If you are a big fan of online gaming nothing can beat this, if u r not into online gaming, try this, it will surely force U to change ur mind, fantastic effort from developers of this game, a must for management"

Venky Meesala, manager of The Strokers

"i enjoy playing this game.. i feel the tension and strategic situations of a real cricket match. Great work team Expecting more support options in the game..."

Christopher Ruben, manager of Christo Gang

"Awesome is the one word to describe this game. Hats off to the developers. "

Mrid, manager of Madzz

"Its just a fascinating concept..just get enthralled to it at times...but as a whole its awesome being over here competing with others and also getting to manage a team as a whole using all the tips and tricks which can lead u to the top...kudos guys :)"

Sovan Mishra, manager of d rockers